8 Surprising Benefits Of Losing 50 Pounds

Benefits Of Losing 50 Pounds

Embarking on a 50-pound weight loss journey is not easy! But, it is quite beneficial.

If you have been working out to shed excess weight, you are not alone. A report by Duke University Medical Center Survey shows that 2 in every 3 people are struggling with weight issues. This means that the number of obesity cases has increased worldwide. Excess weight has been linked to many diseases like high blood pressure and diabetes, thus, losing weight is not only beneficial for your looks but also for maintaining a healthy body.

Here are the top 8 surprising benefits of losing 50 pounds... that make your weight loss efforts pay off big time.

1. Strengthens Your Heart

High cholesterol levels in the blood make fats to stick on the arteries walls, thus increasing the risk of heart attack. Luckily, the modest weight loss gets you out of danger. According to a study conducted in 2013 by Journal of the American Heart Association, the obese and overweight people who lost weight had reduced heart attack risk.

Having a healthy life makes you have a better living. In fact, in 2009, a study conducted on 900 weight loss people reported that those who lost more than 50 pounds scored a higher immunity score.

2. Reduces Risk Of Cancer

While many people think that smoking and too much sun exposure increase their risk of cancer, it's also good to understand that obesity contributes to the risk of cancer.

For instance, when you shed the fats, you actually halve your risk of liver cancer. The excess fat cells alter your hormones and activate your cells to reproduce beyond what is needed to support its activity.

Thus removing the fats would greatly assist your body to fight off the risk on your liver.

Weight Loss Reduces Risk of Cancer

Another good news is that weight loss minimizes the inflammation levels. This lowers damage in your body cells and the possibility of mutations, warding off cancer activation.

Two cancer studies, one conducted on morbidly obese men after bariatric surgery and another on postmenopausal women reported the same results. The participants with a reduced body weight had a lowered cancer exposure risk.

3. Better Memory

If remembering names, dates or occasions has been a bothering issue for the better part of your life, the excess weight you were carrying may have been the source of the problem.

In one study conducted by University of Columbia researchers, the participants had a better memory test performance after losing the 50 pounds. Why? Brain scans showed that once the participants shed off the excess pounds, the minds were offloaded thus the brain worked more efficiently.

However, avoid taking too much soy sauce and muffins as the excess consumption damages restricts the flow of blood in the brain and thus interferes with the memory.

4. Better Sex

If you thought you had a great and enjoyable weight session before losing the extra pounds, wait until you try it in your leaner and new body! According to a research conducted by Duke Medical Center Survey on 1210 participants of different weight, the obese people reported 25 times more dissatisfaction in their between the sheets moments compared to the leaner counterparts.

A mere 50-pound weight loss increased the sexual satisfaction. So, if you are not interested in reaping the physical appearance of weight loss benefits, you will get the bedroom rewards.

Weight loss better sex

5. Clear And Brighter Skin

You may have started your weight loss program with the aim of getting rid of excess belly fat, but a glowing skin will be added to your healthy routine as one of the positive effects of losing weight. Reddit user Oppiken confirms that his skin cleared up after losing weight.

You can attribute to the new complexion with fruits and verges. Also, ensure that you regularly wash your face after every cardio session to prevent unwanted clogged pores and acne. Be sure to include foods rich in zinc to your daily lineup for a flawless skin

6. Better Mood

The gym commitment may have helped you to get rid of the unwanted 50 pounds, but it will also enhance your mental fitness. Routine workout releases endorphins- the good- feel chemicals that help you to relax quickly after a long session of exercise. According to a preliminary study by the University of Pennsylvania, the obese participants reported an improved mood after six months of weight loss. The positive feeling is brought by the brain receptors, which reduce the pain receptors.

Life after weight loss will make you have a better perception of life, and thus, allow you to have a better social life. This will brighten your dark days and brighten your moods as well.

7. People Will Respect You

Although it's not the right thing to do, the society emphasizes on been thin- that is why the obese are either treated poorly or discriminated. It's the same issue that researchers often refer to it as Fat Phobia Scale- a questionnaire to find out the weight bias. That said, you might have a fantastic feeling after losing weight since the people who used to snub you may come along greeting you with a smile.

Weight loss respect from people, life after losing weight

"I have shed 120 pounds, and the people have changed their attitude towards me." Said FatSecret, message user girlygirlatheart. You might even encounter several people knocking your doors for weight loss tips! Be happy that people want guidance and inspiration on how to lose weight, and share how you overcame the challenges.

8. You Will Sweat Less

When you are obese or merely overweight, you mostly wear a weighted vest 24/7 in a hot room which is not easy. (Fat raises the temperature by insulating the body). This is why the overweight people sweat more compared to their counterparts. A report by Journal of Clinical Endocrinology by reported that the obese people would use more than 15 towels to wipe the excess sweat. The slimmer participants used only 3 or 4. This is a clear indication that losing weight reduces the sweating rate.

Worth Your Health And Quality of Life

Losing weight is transformative, especially when you shed off a substantial amount. So don't feel as if your life is pretty mundane; human bodies are ever evolving, and some changes like weight loss are advantageous. Losing weight will allow you to enjoy the above-discussed benefits and much more.

So, as you think of losing weight and maintaining your new look, it's essential to keep fit by changing your eating habits and daily routine activities. Nothing feels better than being confident and proud of your body, and having a better life after weight loss.

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