An Honest Letter About Menopause - And Why Doctors Have It Wrong

An Honest Letter About Menopause - And Why Doctors Have It Wrong-Better Body Co.


For some women, this word signifies relief from the monthly menstrual cramps, the hassle of pads and PMS.

For many others, however - this signals a long, roller coaster ride of hot flashes, weight gain, bloating, joint pain and chronic fatigue…

A rollercoaster ride that can continue for 15 years or longer...

menopause - a rollercoaster ride

 A rollercoaster ride that can make women feel uncomfortable, demoralized and sometimes, seriously ill.

While most doctors tell women that “it’s a natural part of aging” and that there’s nothing much they can do to alleviate these symptoms...

We told ourselves:

“Challenge Accepted”.

In this article, we will share:

  1. The science behind the major menopause symptoms
  2. Real experiences of ladies wrestling with these symptoms on a daily basis
  3. The natural solutions we discovered to ease these symptoms

And it begins with...

Menopause Problem #1: Hot Flashes

Did you know that more than 67% of women complain about hot flashes & fatigue during menopause?

Some of our fans even shared that hot flashes can feel like they’re standing over the mouth of a volcano…😂

hot flashes during menopause


The worst part?

Hot flashes can even creep up on you at night!

 Leaving some of us drenched in sweat and begging for a cold shower in the morning…

But why do we get them?

Hot flashes occur due to the sudden ⬇️ reduction in estrogen levels ⬇️ caused by menopause — which triggers an inflammatory reaction in some women.

The intensity and frequency of the hot flashes episodes differ from lady to lady… 

And for some, it can get quite serious:

people who get hot flashes

The good news is that there’s a natural way to manage hot flashes (without going through Hormone Replacement Therapy)!

Yet, very few ladies know about it.

It’s called Moringa Leaf — and According to a report published in the Asian Pacific Journal of Cancer Prevention...

Moringa contains a mix of essential amino acids & phytonutrients that work in the same way as many anti-inflammatory drugs (minus the risks). 

Because of this natural herb, many women have reported a reduction of frequency and intensity of menopausal symptoms such as hot flashes:

customer reviews of Provitalize

Moringa Leaf is ONE of the 8 super ingredients in Provitalize -- our leading probiotic supplement trusted by women fighting through menopausal symptoms worldwide…

And after her 2nd bottle, Regina saw a significant difference in the frequency and intensity of hot flashes :) 

[Read the science behind Provitalize and learn how its synergistic blend of probiotics and natural ingredients - like Moringa - help women ease hot flashes]

Unfortunately, hot flashes are just the tip of the menopause iceberg. Lots of ladies wrestle with this next menopause symptom - sometimes for years:


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Menopause Problem #2: Unwanted Weight Gain

Weight gain during menopause can seem inevitable.

Seems like no matter how carefully women watch what they eat… the pounds mysteriously keep piling on.

Even ladies who have never had weight issues before menopause are not spared once menopause hits!

So… what’s the science behind why menopause causes weight gain?

woman reaction to weight gain

Studies indicate that the drastic decrease in estrogen levels during menopause may lower metabolic rate -- the rate at which the body “burns” fat for energy.

Also, women tend to be more tired/lethargic during menopause — this may influence frequency and intensity of exercise… which eventually leads to weight gain.

Whatever the case, menopausal weight gain make many ladies feel “terrible every single day”:


how menopausal weight gain feels

Thankfully, there is a natural solution to managing weight gain during menopause….

It’s Probiotics!

Everyone knows probiotics are good for digestion...

But did you know that certain probiotic strains may actually support reduction in unwanted weight gain during menopause?

probiotic strain help reduce unwanted weight gain

L. Gasseri is a rare probiotic found in small amounts in fermented foods like Puba (a Brazilian staple)...

And a study of 210 people in Japan showed an average 8.5% positive impact on weight after 12 weeks of consuming L.Gasseri...

The best part?

They didn't make any drastic changes to their lifestyles or diets.

From this, it seems that L.Gasseri may be the answer to support reduction in weight gain during menopause...

Which is why we've added it into Provitalize - our leading probiotic supplement - which has helped thousands of ladies worldwide to keep unwanted weight gain at bay.

Ladies likeNancy M. from Studio City, California:


Nancy M. from Studio City, California review of Provitalize


After taking Provitalize for about a month, Nancy realised her belly fat was way more diminished… and it probably has a lot to do with the special probiotic strain L.Gasseri.

[Learn more about Provitalize and how L.Gasseri & two other weight-management probiotic strains work together to help ladies fight off menopausal weight gain]

However, we realised that for lots of ladies, menopausal weight gain is also often accompanied by...



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Menopause Problem #3: Bloating

“Why is my tummy bulging? I look like I’m pregnant!”

This is what one of our Better Body members emailed us… and we’ve gotten tons more messages just like it.

These ladies shared that they consistently have a bulging stomach since menopause hit…

And from the sounds of it, they are experiencing major bloating - which, unfortunately, is quite common during peri- and menopause.

bloating during menopause

But why does it happen?

Studies suggest that falling levels of estrogen during menopause is the root cause of bloating.

Declining estrogen levels can affect the digestive process,  slowing everything down… and it can also affect carbohydrate metabolism - making it more difficult to digest starches and sugars…

Which can often lead to long-term bloating for many ladies:

people facing long-term bloating
people facing bloating for long-term

After getting so many messages about bloating, we invested countless hours of research into finding a solution…

And we finally did:

It’s called B.Lactis - a special strain of probiotics that is found in raw milk. 

A study done on participants with IBS (irritable bowel syndrome) found that there was reduced abdominal bloating after 4 weeks of treatment with a probiotic supplement containing B.Lactis.

The findings were promising… which is why we added B.Lactis into our leading probiotic supplement, Provitalize.

And the results surpassed our expectations:

Provitalize customer review
Provitalize customer review
Provitalize customer review

Many ladies are pleased with how effective the B.Lactis (along with 11 other natural ingredients) in Provitaize managed their bloating - and we are too :) 

[Learn more about Provitalize and how it helps ladies ease bloating and other major menopause symptoms]

Once we found a solution to managing bloating, we moved on to the next major menopause symptom:



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Meno Problem #4: Fatigue

Menopause can be quite draining.

There are some days where ladies  just want to crawl into bed at 7pm… No mood to do anything…

In fact, it can feel like you’ve been hit by a truck!

And it’s a very real problem.

Based on the Office on Women’s Health 2019 survey, 1 MILLION Americans grapple with chronic fatigue on a daily basis.

Most of them mention that they “honestly can’t remember what it’s like to feel energised and not tired”.

woman facing chronic fatigue

Well, perhaps it might be a CoQ10 problem.

CoQ10 is a natural, vitamin-like compound that all cells need in order to produce energy.

Unfortunately, CoQ10 levels in our body drop as we age -- which is one of the biggest reasons why we tend to feel more drained as we get older.

However, here’s the good news:

It’s possible to increase CoQ10 levels in our bodies naturally -- even in our 40s, 50s and 60s.

Studies indicate that oral intake of CoQ10 for 2 months has been shown to increase circulating blood levels of CoQ10 and significant improvement in overall energy levels.

This means having more energy to do the stuff that you love - with the people you love.

We really want this for our customers  - which is why we spent thousands of dollars of research into formulating an energy supplement called inergyPLUS… which contains CoQ10.

And ladies LOVED it!


InergyPlus customer review
InergyPlus customer review

Now ladies can finally have the energy to do what they love with the people they love - even during menopause…

And that really warms our hearts :) 

[Read the science behind inergyPLUS and how its synergistic blend of 13 all-natural ingredients aids the body in producing long-lasting energy - without jitters or “crashes”]



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But our job was not done yet.

We still had to solve...

Meno Problem #5: Joint Pain

 Inflammation in the body is one of the biggest ailments plaguing society today.

From the joints all the way to the gut, inflammation can make day-to-day life quite frustrating.

Add fatigue to the mix — and most people simply lose their will to do anything… because of the sheer discomfort.

Thankfully, there’s a natural and highly-effective way to alleviate inflammation:

It’s called cordyceps — a type of fungi found in various parts of the world.

cordyceps - a type of fungi


Rich in antioxidants, cordyceps is an increasingly popular go-to option when it comes to:

- Fighting inflammation

- Supporting healthier joints and skin

- Elevating heart health

- And lots more…

Research suggests cordyceps can suppress certain inflammation-inducing proteins in the body.

On top of that, it also helps neutralise free radicals (unstable particles which damage and destroy cells).

Yes, cordyceps is one of nature’s best remedies for inflammation.

Which is why we’ve added cordyceps intoinergyPLUS - our leading energy supplement - so that women can effectively & naturally ease joint pain:

With relief from joint pain, these women can now go about their daily lives without any pain or hassle…

Just like how they did in their 20s :)

[Learn more about inergyPLUS and how its blend of natural herbs -  such as cordyceps and blue ginger - smoothens joints, and provides long-lasting energy for ladies in menopause]

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Menopause Doesn’t Have To Be Difficult...

When we created Better Body Co, we had ONE mission:

To make menopause easier for ladies everywhere.

So we set out to tackle the major menopause symptoms one by one - doing extensive research and investing thousands of dollars into finding the solutions to each one.

Hot flashes, weight gain, bloating, fatigue and joint pain…

We are happy to say we have effectively created supplements to manage all of it - and over 47,537 ladies worldwide are gliding through menopause thanks to them.

After reading all of the science and research and stories of all the ladies just like yourself…

We hope you can see that menopause doesn’t have to be difficult:

You just need the right solutions :) 

P.S. What is your experience with menopause? How many of the symptoms mentioned in this article have you had? Share your story in the comment section below 


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