What is the Best Probiotic for Menopause?

What is the Best Probiotic for Menopause?

As the sun sets on your fertile years and the dawn of menopause appears on the horizon, issues like weight gain, hot flashes, insomnia, and other unpleasant menopause symptoms start to creep in. 

These steal your comfort and confidence, leaving you searching for a way to turn the clock back and experience self-rejuvenation.

While you’ve probably already explored a few solutions to no avail, you may not have considered harnessing the power of beneficial bacteria. 

That’s why today, we’ll introduce you to the best probiotic for menopause to help you overcome these unpleasant symptoms and regain the lifestyle you once lived.

Below, we’ll shed light on how the best menopause probiotics can help you navigate the menopausal maze with ease and confidence. 

You’ll learn why L.Gasseri, B.Breve, and B.Lactis are a must-have along this journey - and how to actually incorporate them into your regimen. 

We’ve got a lot to cover, so let’s begin unraveling the secrets of probiotics together! 

What Exactly Are Probiotics?

Before we can introduce you to the best probiotic for menopause, we need to provide a bit of context. Probiotics are living microorganisms, primarily bacteria, that confer numerous health benefits when consumed in adequate amounts. 

Often dubbed as 'good' or 'friendly' bacteria, they dwell in various parts of your body, especially in the gut. These microscopic warriors help maintain the balance of your internal ecosystem, fostering optimal health and wellbeing. 

Their role extends beyond gut health, influencing everything from your immune function to mental health and, indeed, your experience of menopause.

That being said, let’s get into some of the transformative benefits you can expect to experience when you harness the power of the best menopause probiotics.

Why You Need the Best Menopause Probiotic: Weight Gain, Hot Flashes, and More

Embarking on your menopause journey can often feel like a rollercoaster ride, with fluctuating hormones ushering in a range of sometimes challenging changes. 

But, here's where the story takes a positive turn: you can overcome the worst symptoms of menopause with probiotics. Here’s what they may be able to do for you…

A Must-Have for Menopausal Weight Management

Menopause weight gain is a common grievance and one that doesn’t just influence your health - it’s detrimental to your happiness. As estrogen levels dip, your body attempts to compensate by storing more fat, particularly around the waist. Additionally, a sluggish metabolism can make shedding weight a herculean task. 

However, the right probiotics can come to the rescue. How do probiotics help with menopausal weight gain, though? Simple - by promoting healthy metabolism, aiding digestion, and managing inflammation, making weight management an achievable goal. 

We’ll talk specifically about using the best probiotics for menopause weight gain later on. But helping you eliminate stubborn fat is just the tip of the iceberg for probiotics… 

Reduce the Frequency and Intensity of Hot Flashes

Hot flashes, the sudden sensation of intense heat in your body, are arguably the most notorious of menopause symptoms. This discomfort is due to the hypothalamus (the body's thermostat) misreading the body's normal temperature, leading to overheating.

That’s where probiotics come in. With their ability to influence hormones and the nervous system, they can reduce both the frequency and intensity of hot flashes, making your days (and nights) more comfortable.

Aiding Digestion and Preventing Bloating 

Digestive woes can become more pronounced during menopause due to a slowing metabolism and changes in gut flora. Probiotics are one of the best ways to combat this symptom.

The strain Bifidobacterium lactis helps optimize digestion, fostering the breakdown and absorption of nutrients. It's also potent at preventing gastrointestinal issues like bloating, gas, and constipation, keeping your tummy happy and flat. 

This will also help with some of your weight gain woes, as you won’t hold onto as much water - leading to a slimmer appearance.

Boost Your Immune System

During menopause, changes in hormone levels can lead to a decline in immune function, leaving you more susceptible to illnesses. Probiotics, by enhancing gut health, play a crucial role in bolstering your immune system. 

Nearly 70% of your immune system resides in your gut. Thus, a healthy gut can translate to a robust immune response. Strains like Bifidobacterium lactis stimulate the body's innate immunity, providing a natural defense against pathogens.

Promote Heart Health and Lower Cholesterol Levels

Heart health becomes a vital concern during menopause, with the protective effects of estrogen reducing. After all, cardiovascular disease is one of the leading causes of death. The good news? With the best probiotics for women in menopause, you can rest assured you’re doing what you can to protect your ticker!

Some probiotics have demonstrated a capability to lower LDL (bad cholesterol) levels while increasing HDL (good cholesterol) levels, contributing to overall cardiovascular health. Lactobacillus reuteri, for instance, has been associated with reducing cholesterol levels, which can help keep heart disease at bay.

Mitigating Urinary and Vaginal Health Issues

With the decrease in estrogen during menopause, there's an increased risk of urinary tract infections and vaginal health issues due to shifts in the microbiome. 

Lactobacillus strains, especially Lactobacillus rhamnosus and Lactobacillus acidophilus, help maintain a healthy urinary and vaginal microbiome. They produce lactic acid that hampers the growth of harmful bacteria, reducing the risk of infections. 

By maintaining a healthy balance of bacteria, probiotics help ensure optimal urinary and vaginal health.

What is the Best Probiotic for Menopause? 3 You Need in Your Life as a Menopausal Woman

Living through menopause doesn't mean you have to accept persistent discomfort and health setbacks as the new norm. One powerful tool at your disposal is probiotics - those microscopic heroes living in your gut that influence far more than just your digestive health. 

But, what is the best probiotic for menopause? After all, some probiotics can cause weight gain - having the opposite intended effect. That’s why you’re searching for the best menopause probiotic, to ensure you’re not doing more harm than good.

Specifically today, we'll pull the curtains back on L.Gasseri, B.Breve, and B.Lactis - three probiotic strains that have shown immense potential in relieving menopause symptoms. 

L.Gasseri (SBT 2055)

L.Gasseri is more than just a probiotic strain. Think of it as your internal personal trainer, determined to combat that notorious menopause belly fat. 

Known for its thermogenic properties, L.Gasseri accelerates your metabolism, promoting a faster calorie burn even when you're not physically active. As such, it’s considered among the best probiotics for belly fat.

But its benefits don't stop at weight management. This strain plays a crucial role in promoting digestive health, reducing inflammation, and bolstering your immune system, offering a holistic approach to well-being during menopause. 

You can learn more in our breakdown on the lactobacillus gasseri benefits if you’d like. But for now, we want to introduce you to the next powerhouse probiotic during menopause…

B.Breve (IDCC 4401)

B.Breve steps in as another potent ally in your menopause journey. This thermogenic strain works hard to optimize your metabolism, aiding in the reduction of overall body fat, not just in the midsection. 

But it's not all about the scales. B.Breve has also been found to reduce inflammation, a common culprit behind many menopause symptoms. By creating a healthier gut environment, this probiotic strain also promotes a stronger immune response, preparing your body to fend off diseases more efficiently.

B.Lactis (R101-8)

Last, but certainly not least, is B.Lactis. This thermogenic probiotic strain goes beyond the call of duty. Not only does it assist in managing your weight and BMI, but it also works diligently to keep your cholesterol and LDL levels in check. Maintaining these at healthy levels is crucial for heart health, especially during and after menopause. 

Furthermore, B.Lactis keeps a watchful eye on inflammatory levels, helping ensure that inflammation does not escalate to problematic heights.

Together, these probiotic strains provide a powerhouse of benefits. But how do you ensure you're getting the best probiotic for women in menopause in your diet? There are two ways you can go about it…

Where to Get the Best Menopause Probiotic: Foods vs Supplements

While the concept of gut health and probiotics might be new to you, you'd be surprised to know that you're already consuming some probiotics, albeit inadvertently. They're hidden in some everyday foods and beverages. 

But is food intake enough, or should you be considering probiotic supplements, especially during menopause? And, what foods should you eat to ensure you’re getting the best probiotics for women in menopause listed above? 

Before we bring today’s conversation to a close, we’ll answer these questions and help you feel confident and capable of your next steps for harnessing the profound potential of probiotics.

Foods Containing the Best Menopause Probiotics

Dietary sources of probiotics include fermented foods such as yogurt, kefir, sauerkraut, and kimchi, to name a few. 

These are traditionally rich in different probiotic strains and can be a great addition to your diet as foods to avoid menopause weight gain. You can learn more about this in our guide to creating a menopause diet for weight loss.

However, despite their benefits, these foods might not provide the specific strains - L.Gasseri, B.Breve, and B.Lactis - which have been studied for their significant impacts on menopausal symptoms.

Eating a diverse range of probiotic foods can contribute to a healthier gut microbiome. But, the quantity of probiotics in these foods can vary widely, and the survival of these probiotics through the harsh environment of the stomach isn't always guaranteed. 

This is where supplements come into play.

Provitalize Contains the 3 Best Probiotics for Women in Menopause to Help You Regain Control of Your Life

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And, the formulation is bolstered with powerhouse natural ingredients like turmeric root extract, moringa leaf extract, curry leaf extract, bioperine, sunflower lecithin, and more.

Probiotics, along with a balanced diet and lifestyle, can make the menopause journey much smoother. With Provitalize, you're not just supplementing your diet with probiotics. You're investing in a strategy designed to take control of your life during menopause and beyond. 

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Parting Thoughts on the Best Probiotic for Menopause

Menopause may be a natural phase of life, but dealing with its symptoms doesn't have to be a struggle. Probiotics can help. But, what is the best probiotic for menopause? Particularly, strains like L.Gasseri, B.Breve, and B.Lactis, can offer considerable relief from the most pressing menopause issues.

While there are numerous probiotic foods to incorporate into your diet, getting a consistent and adequate dose of these specific strains can be challenging. That's where Provitalize steps in, combining these essential probiotics in one easy-to-consume supplement.

Rather than wondering when menopause weight will go away, why not take action today and feed your body what it needs to feel and look 20 years younger? Now that you know about the best menopause probiotic, get the best supplements for menopause today at Better Body. 

Provitalize is just a few clicks away and ready to help you live a healthier, happier life - one day at a time! It’s time to tap into the power of the best probiotics for women in menopause.