Thermogenic Probiotics: What These Clinical Studies Really Say

Thermogenic Probiotics: What These Clinical Studies Really Say-Better Body Co.

Thermogenic probiotics have been a growing new trend in the health industry.

People were using them to achieve their weight loss goals. Others were experiencing interesting effects like reduced inflammation over time.

As the claims sounded almost too good, people naturally started to get skeptical.

And undoubtedly, researchers got intrigued by this trend.

So they conducted multiple clinical studies to gather more evidence...

And they’ve made some peculiar findings.

Here are the 3 hallmark studies that have greatly impacted our health industry.

1. Tokyo Healthcare University: B. breve Produced Significant Weight Changes Over 3 Months

Scientists from Tokyo Healthcare University gave a group of elderly a supplement containing a thermogenic probiotic called Bifidobacterium breve (B. breve).

The scientists continuously measured their fat mass over 3 months.

The participants’ fat mass fell significantly by 8.5% while their weight fell by an average of 3.2%. [1]

But one thing caught the researchers’ attention.

These participants experienced these weight changes without any modifications to their regular lifestyles, especially their food intake, exercise and regular medications.

No changes to diet or lifestyle

Though this doesn’t mean you should binge on donuts and ice-cream...

It’d likely give an extra metabolism boost for those making the effort to live a healthy life.

2. European Journal of Clinical Nutrition: L. gasseri Reduced Fat Volume In Multiple Areas Over 12 Weeks

In this study published by the European Journal of Clinical Nutrition, Lactobacillus gasseri (L. gasseri) was put to the test.

2 groups of overweight patients were given a daily serving of fermented milk for 12 weeks.

1 group had L. gasseri added into their fermented milk, while the control group’s fermented milk didn’t have it.

And the results were unanimous.

Patients who took L. gasseri experienced a more significant difference in various fat areas.

In particular, they saw a reduction of 7.4 cm sq in their total fat area.

That’s like the size of a cookie.

Thermogenic probiotics: Fat area lost is similar to a cookie size

And it didn’t stop there. The L. gasseri group also experienced:

  • A reduction in body weight of 4.7 times more than the control group [2]
  • A 5 times reduction in BMI
  • A 1.7 times bigger shrink in hip circumference

Thus L. gasseri not only proved its potential here, it showed us one more thing.

The strain of the probiotic really matters.

If you consume a random probiotic food or drink from the supermarket, you’ll probably see little improvement in your weight as compared to taking a weight-specific strain like L. gasseri.

3. Nutrition Journal of US: B. lactis Reduced BMI, Cholesterol & LDL After 45 Days

The effects of Bifidobacterium lactis (B. lactis) were scrutinized in this study from the Nutrition Journal of US.

Patients were divided into 2 groups. Both were taking a fermented milk supplement every day, but one group had Bifidobacterium Lactis (B. lactis) added to their supplement.

After 45 days…

The B. lactis group experienced a 4.2% reduction in their Body Mass Index (BMI). [3]

That’s like a taking a watermelon off your body.

Thermogenic Probiotics: Weight lost similar to a watermelon

And this drop in BMI was nearly 5 times as much as the control group.

Not only that, the B. lactis group experienced more amplified changes in many other fat measurement metrics. In fact...

  • Their total cholesterol level went down 2.5 times more than the control group
  • Their low-density lipid (LDL, the harmful fat that clogs blood vessels) went down by 8.75 times more than the control group

Furthermore, their bodies displayed a fall in inflammatory proteins like tumor necrosis factor-α and interleukin-6. Such anti-inflammatory effect may protect your body from cellular damage.

What this means is...

B. lactis not only has potential as a long-term weight management probiotic, it may even improve energy levels and reduce body pain for you.

Verdict: Thermogenic Probiotics Can Be Helpful in the Long Run

Based on these hallmark studies, thermogenic probiotics have shown potential to be a long-term solution for weight management.

That said, everyone’s body is born unique and may see different results.

But here’s an interesting observation from all 3 studies.

Majority of these patients experienced small but significant improvements to their body. Slow and steadily.

Thermogenic Probiotics Long Term Health Improvement

As these improvements accumulated over the weeks, the results started to speak for themselves.

Even better, there were minimal side effects reported.

Compared to conventional probiotic such as green tea and guarana, that have been known to give undesirable effects like high blood pressure and chest pain....

These thermogenic probiotics strains can be described as a strong (and perhaps safer) substitute.  

How to Get the Right Strains Easily & Affordably

Getting these specific thermogenic probiotic strains can be a challenge.

Most probiotic food sources contain cheaper strains that do not have much supporting data on metabolism and weight management. And they are often over-loaded with sugar to taste more palatable.

But we at Better Body Co felt that the benefits of thermogenic probiotics shouldn’t be forgone like that.

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