Provitalize Guide: Everything You Need To Know

Provitalize Review 2021 – Side Effects & Ingredients


In BB Company, we all understand that there is nothing more significant than health. For this reason, we have carefully worked on our supplement formulas for a long time, and now we are very proud and excited to help many people in the United States feel better with our products. And we are thrilled to see so many positive customer reviews showing that we really manage to change people's lives - thank you so much for sharing your experience!

So, which supplement is our biggest achievement?

One of the probiotic products that have been widely appreciated all around the United States is Provitalize. It has a unique formula based on natural ingredients to support your gut health and weight management, provide you with more energy, and help you fight menopausal symptoms. Every Provitalize review we receive from you motivates us in our work because we see that just by taking two capsules of this product a day, our clients feel noticeable relief. And we really want to help you to change your lives for the better!

Would you like to learn more about the effects you can achieve with this probiotic supplement? If so, please proceed to our comprehensive guide providing all the essential information!


What Is Provitalize?

Provitalize is a probiotic supplement that helps you to boost the so-called thermogenic effect. It is a process when, thanks to exercise, we improve our metabolism, and an increased number of fats and calories can be turned to energy.


Provitalize Probiotics for Improving Menopause

Unique probiotics can imitate that process and help with weight loss even before we start working out. They can:

  • Reduce cravings
  • Stabilize calorie absorption
  • Improve fat storage
  • Enhance natural metabolism
  • Boost weight loss

How fantastic is that!

Thanks to the all-natural probiotic ingredients, Provitalize can help you in getting rid of stubborn fat. There are three strains of them that have been clinically tested, and their weight loss properties have been scientifically confirmed. What is more, Provitalize contains some herbs that have been appreciated for their anti-inflammatory and nutritional effects for centuries already. As a result, the formula's absorption and effectiveness can be properly supported.

When you take two capsules of Provitalize manufactured by BB Company every morning, you can help your body reach the most optimal state for healthy and efficient fat burning. It’s that easy!


What Are the Ingredients of Provitalize?

Provitalize contains many beneficial ingredients that may help you in natural weight management or reducing menopause symptoms (like hot flashes and bloating). Let's explore them now!


B. Breve
  • B. Breve

Breve (Bifidobacterium breve) is a bacterial species that has high probiotic effects. It can be naturally found in human intestines and may be helpful in stimulating the genes responsible for boosting healthy metabolism. Apart from that, it contributes to easing inflammation and supports keeping the right blood sugar levels, so it’s really beneficial for you!

L. Gasseri (lactobacillus gasseri)
  • L. Gasseri

Gasseri (Lactobacillus gasseri) is one of the rare probiotic strains. It can be found in fermented foods (but only in small amounts), such as Brazilian staple food called puba, Korean kimchi, Japanese miso soup, as well as yogurt or pickles. In 2013, there was a study with 210 overweight adults who got either milk with Lactobacillus gasseri or placebo milk. After 3 months, the group who received the probiotic achieved an 8.5 reduction in abdominal fat compared to those who drank the placebo. Interestingly, L. Gasseri, apart from supporting weight loss, may also help you to improve your vaginal health and reduce inflammation. It’s surely worth including it in your diet!

B. Lactis (bifidobacterium lactis)
  • B. Lactis

Bifidobacterium lactis (also known as Bifidobacterium animalis) can be found in the gut flora of not only humans but also most other mammals. It is a common probiotic that constitutes one of the ingredients of numerous dairy products - it is often used as a starter culture for buttermilk, cheese, cottage cheese, and more. It is famous for its health benefits, as it helps to support your immune system and keep the right levels of cholesterol in your body.

Curry Leaf
  • Curry Leaf

Curry leaf is popular in the cuisine of India and other Asian countries. You probably know how it improves the taste of a dish but you may not be aware that it is also excellent for your health! It can help you to, for example, reduce inflammation, decrease stress, support healthy digestion, improve weight loss, keep proper cholesterol and sugar levels, or prevent heart diseases. It has many essential nutrients, including iron, phosphorus, and vitamins A, B, C, E.

  • Turmeric

Do you know that turmeric is sometimes called a "miracle herb"? It is because it contains an active compound called curcumin that has many fantastic properties. It is known for its potent anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects, as well as improving your mood, supporting weight loss, and slowing down the aging process. What is more, it helps you to keep your brain, liver, joints, and heart in good shape. Isn’t it amazing?

BioPerine a type of piperine
  • BioPerine®

BioPerine® is a particular type of piperine that has been patented and highly researched. Interestingly, piperine is the alkaloid responsible for the pungency of long pepper and black pepper. It is excellent in supporting the correct levels of sugar, it has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, and it increases your brain's protection. What is more, taking it along with turmeric enhances bioavailability and absorptions. It’s a perfect combination!

Moringa Leaf
  • Moringa Leaf

Moringa leaf comes from a tree that is native to India but also grows in other parts of Asia, as well as Africa and South America. It has a history of being used as a healing plant in natural medicine for over 5000 years old. Several vitamins can be found in moringa leaf, and it is famous for making bones stronger, supporting proper cholesterol and sugar levels, nourishing hair and skin, protecting the liver, and more. Therefore, it can make you not only healthier, but also more beautiful!

Sunflower Lecithin Booster
  • Sunflower Lecithin Booster

It is worth keeping in mind that some nutrients are fat-soluble, which means it is easier to absorb them when you take them with a fat substance. For this reason, we have added sunflower lecithin to the Provitalize formula. In this way, you are able to get better results from taking this product in a shorter time - and we really want you to feel better as soon as possible! Moreover, this ingredient helps improve overall digestion, moisturize skin, lower cholesterol levels, and enhance heart health.

DRcaps delayed-release capsule™
  • DRcaps™

DRcaps™ is a trademarked delayed-release capsule manufactured with an advanced coating technology keeping the Provitalize formula safe from stomach acids. Such a product is particularly crucial in the case of acid-sensitive ingredients, such as probiotic strains.

Note that Provitalize is produced in an FDA-registered and GMP-certified facility located in Georgia, the United States. We care about creating the best possible conditions for manufacturing it for you!


Who Is Provitalize For?

Basically, everyone can benefit from taking Provitalize regularly. That is because probiotics and other ingredients like curry leaf or turmeric can work in many areas to make you healthier and fitter. However, this product is particularly recommended for people who:

  • Want to improve their gut health
  • Need some help to lose weight effectively yet safely,
  • Would like to have more energy every day
  • Go through menopause and struggle with its side effects (hot flashes, bloating, weight gain, etc.)
  • Are currently slim and want to keep it that way
  • Need to boost their natural metabolism
  • Would like to help people they love to stay in good health

What is more, it is worth noticing that Provitalize is a supplement suitable also for people on a specific diet, such as:

  • vegan
  • paleo
  • caffeine-free
  • halal
  • kosher
  • keto
  • GMO-free
  • gluten-free

We want to make it accessible for everyone!

Furthermore, Provitalize is actually recommended for people with a specific diet because it facilitates nutrient absorption from food. In this way, you can get closer to achieving your weight management goals and be healthier. Doesn’t it sound great?

Provitalize is suitable for all diets

We often receive a Provitalize review from a customer on a diet, and they tend to emphasize more meaningful results they achieved thanks to our product. That’s awesome!


Why Should I Buy Provitalize Instead of Any Other Probiotic Product?

Bear in mind that not all probiotics are the same. Various probiotic strains have various effects on your metabolism and overall health. Therefore, if you care about the effectiveness of stubborn fat reduction or menopause symptoms relief, you need to select the one that suits your needs best.

It is important to know that some probiotics, despite having certain health benefits, can work the contrary of what you want to achieve. Take L. Acidophilus as an example - it improves the gut flora, helping you digest better, but as one of the side effects, it can contribute to weight gain. And we suppose you would like to avoid that!

Provitalize probiotic capsules with natural herbs

Here, at BB Company, we have carefully chosen particular probiotics - L. Gasseri, B. Breve, and B. Lactis, because apart from supporting gut health, they are fantastic in reducing fat, providing energy, and easing menopausal symptoms.

Although other thermogenic supplements (such as green tea, caffeine, and capsicum) can also help you lose weight, they may have some unpleasant side effects, including increased heart rate, insomnia, or dizziness. As Provitalize is a stimulant-free and all-natural product, you can take two capsules a day for a long time without any serious risk. We made it as safe for you as possible!


Will Provitalize Help Me To Lose Weight Without Food Restrictions or Exercise?

In some customer reviews, we can see that even without any specific diet or working out on a regular basis, our weight loss supplement helped them to a certain degree. It is because particular probiotics, like L. Gasseri, B. Breve, and B. Lactis, can enhance weight management also despite the lack of changes to someone's diet or lifestyle.

However, such an approach is mostly recommended to people who really can't exercise due to immobility, joint pain, or the lack of time because you can get the best results if you combine taking Provitalize and having a healthy lifestyle. 

Lose weight with Provitalize - best with exercise and healthy lifestyle

Keep in mind that Provitalize is not a magic pill, so you cannot consume 5,000 calories and expect a noticeable weight loss in a short time. Nevertheless, with a good and regular workout and a lot of veggies in your diet, nothing can stop you!


Who Should Not Take Provitalize?

Despite numerous health benefits and all-natural ingredients of Provitalize (and its positive customer reviews), you need to take some safety precautions if you want to start taking that probiotic product while being pregnant or on medication. 

Bear in mind that it can work to reduce inflammation, and it may collide with such medications as blood thinners, Cox2-inhibitors, or NSAIDs. And we don’t want our supplement to disturb your therapy!

A general rule of thumb is that if you have some chronic diseases that require constant treatment, or you are expecting a baby, it is best for you to consult your doctor before starting to take Provitalize or any other supplement. It’s better to be safe than sorry!


What Are the Provitalize Pros and Cons?

As with every product, Provitalize has its pros and cons. Fortunately, we keep on getting a lot of fantastic reviews from our customers so we are sure that the benefits are predominant.

Provitalize Pros and Cons

Here are some of the most significant pros of this product:

  • Provitalize may help you with your weight management even if you are not able to exercise much
  • It improves your immune system
  • It reduces hot flashes, bloating, insomnia, weight gain, and other menopausal symptoms
  • It boosts natural metabolism
  • It enhances appetite control
  • It decreases junk food cravings
  • It provides more energy to exercise
  • It may ease inflammatory pain in joints and other parts of your body
  • It can make your skin, nails, and hair more healthy
  • It goes well with specific diets, including vegan, halal, kosher, keto, or paleo
  • All the Provitalize ingredients are natural
  • It helps to get rid of stubborn fat
  • It does not contain any common allergens like gluten, dairy, soy, peanuts, or shellfish
  • It is stimulant-free

When it comes to the cons, we can say that Provitalize:

  • Does not work in the blink of an eye - you need to take it long-term to see the full benefits
  • Might occasionally cause mild bloating in some customers at the beginning due to its high potency - it goes away after a few days when the body gets adjusted to the product
  • May not be suitable for people on medications or in pregnancy


Where Can I Buy Provitalize?

If you are wondering where to buy Provitalize, the answer is - it is best to order it on the BB Company website. As the exclusive manufacturer of this supplement, we can ensure that you will get an original, safe product with no major side effects. Avoid being deceived by unauthorized offers - you can never be sure if you can find the same formula there, allowing you to lose weight without harming your health. And that’s absolutely crucial!

Although another supplement that looks similar may have a lower price, it is possible it has not been as well-researched as our product, and it may not provide you with satisfactory results. The Provitalize cost reflects its real value - it took us a lot of research and testing to develop such a unique formula. And every positive Provitalize review we receive confirms that it was worth the effort!


Does Provitalize Work? Can I Read Any Relevant Provitalize Review?

We are very proud that numerous customers appreciate our product so much that they make sure to recommend it to other people with similar problems and goals. You can go to our dedicated page with reviews to familiarize yourself with a lot of them - they are published both in the form of written comments and videos.

Provitalize reviews from real customers

 All of the review authors are confirmed buyers - we have checked that they have actually bought our product. Many of them talk about noticeable weight loss, getting rid of hot flashes, and many other effects on their health. Also, Provitalize often improves their mood to a great extent because they feel better and can live their lives to the fullest again!



We are not afraid to say that Provitalize is definitely one of the best probiotic products you can find on the market. This supplement helps you in healthy weight loss, coping with hot flashes and other menopausal symptoms, and many other issues. Every positive review we receive confirms its efficiency even more - you can make sure it is the right product for you by watching or reading them all!

Due to its unique formula, Provitalize may provide you with numerous health benefits and has not caused any severe side effects so far. Taking it regularly, you can gradually feel better and better. If you want to share your experience with Provitalize on our website, you are more than welcome to do that!

We want to help as many people as possible to reach their weight loss goals, achieve more energy, improve their immune system, and more. Order your first bottle today to see what it’s all about!