7 Signs Your Health Is Silently Destroyed By Chronic Inflammation

7 Signs Your Health Is Silently Destroyed By Chronic Inflammation-Better Body Co.

You want to live a healthy and meaningful life, don’t you?

You work hard, put in the effort to be healthy, yet this evil thing called inflammation may be destroying your health and all your efforts without you knowing.

Do you want to protect your body from chronic inflammation? First, you need to understand what inflammation is.

Inflammation is your body’s natural defence against toxins and injury, protecting you from further harm. Every time your body meets harm (for example, scraping yourself), inflammation releases powerful chemicals and triggers multiple mechanisms to work on your injured site.

But when inflammation is constantly turned on, your insides are exposed to damage instead. This gradual, damaging process is what we call chronic inflammation.

Some of these signs may not be obvious. You may have already grown accustomed to them without realizing. They may even seem like a part of your aging process. But silently, they erode your health and it may be too late by the time you are diagnosed.

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Do you want to protect your health and your happiness? If so, take note of these 7 important signs of inflammation:

1. You have stubborn fat around your belly

inflammation weight gain

Scientists have been finding an increasing number of links between fat gain and chronic inflammation. Inflammation damages various parts of your body and impairs some of its functions, including the ability to utilize fat.

In one study, they find that inflamed fat cells cannot take in the fats in your body effectively, so the fats get deposited in other easy places like your liver and stomach, and hence making you fat.1 

In more recent research, scientists found that inflammation impairs your brain’s ability to control metabolism. They even found it led to the inability to recognize fat signals that keep making you hungry even when you’re full

2. You seem to fall sick frequently

Sometimes you may wonder why you seem to visit the doctor more often than everyone else… As your immune system uses up most of its resources to battle and recover from inflammation, it means that they can’t fight against foreign microbial invasion effectively. In fact, your body is injured by inflammatory substances which lowers its defences, making it more prone to harm.

3. You feel moody all the time

Inflammation reduces dopamine in the brain, which leads to depressionFeeling the blues everyday? When researchers dug deep into the effects of inflammation on the brain, they discovered that the part that is always targeted is the basal ganglia.

This part of the brain controls the secretion of dopamine in your brain, a substance that is important for keeping you happy and constantly lacking in all patients with depression.2 You end up feeling sad even when nothing is wrong.

4. Too lethargic to do things

Sure, you could be busy with work and lack sleep so you often feel tired. But even when you’re fully rested, the same tiredness lingers within you. When your body is chronically inflamed, it is unable to fully utilize its energy store. Your cells are busy trying to recover from the damage due to inflammation and are too worn out to produce energy for you.

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5. Discomfort in your gut or stomach

Inflammation causes your gut to be more permeable to toxins, allowing the ‘bad stuff’ to enter your bloodstream and cause problems; making you feel the discomfort every now and then. You may experience diarrhea or pain in your gut from being very sensitive to many kinds of food, resulting in not being able to enjoy food to the fullest. It is probably a sign of irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) or what we call “leaky gut”, and it is not something to be ignored as your body is constantly getting exposed to even more toxins, leading to problems like stubborn fat.

Inflammation triggers pain in areas like your abdomen

6. Nagging pain in various parts of your body

Inflammation affects your nerve cells, which trigger pain. This can be commonly felt in areas like your joints, abdomen or even your gums. You may periodically treat these pain points, but you’re not dealing with the cause of this pain. 3

7. You have skin conditions

Your skin appears red, dry, patchy and itchy sometimes for no apparent reason. You may face skin problems like eczema or even diagnosed with psoriasis, and you may need strong steroid creams to manage it. Skin cells die faster when they are chronically inflamed and the problem surfaces out instead. 4

Deal with inflammation or let inflammation deal damage?

In the long run, inflammation will wear out your body, increasing risk of even more health complications. One of the notable health consequence is your body becoming inflamed to the point that it can’t respond to insulin effectively leading to insulin resistance, weight gain5 and even diabetes.

In fact, chronic inflammation has been a silent contributor to stubborn fat, making it practically impossible for many of us to lose weight.

But there is good news…


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