Are Women Afraid Or Uninformed About Menopause?

Are Women Afraid Or Uninformed About Menopause?

Today, we have something special lined up.

We would like to share with you an email sent by one of our customers, which has a rather hot take about menopausal women.

“Are Women Afraid, or Uninformed about Menopause”

Here’s what she said:

“Do you think women ignore their menopausal symptoms?
I suppose I’m referring to the women in their early 30s to 40s, but it could apply to basically anyone who is perimenopausal or just approaching that age.
Things are indeed changing, and there’s more talk and education around it but I still think there is a lot of shame and fear lingering around menopause because to them, Menopause = getting old.
I know that feeling because personally, when I started having symptoms in my early 40s I was terribly upset. I wasn’t ready for it at all, and I felt like I was too young to be experiencing it.
I had my head in the sand for a period of time but symptoms like hot flashes, weight gain and bloating eventually forced me to seek assistance from my doctor for HRT, which I am now on.

This ordeal opened my eyes to people who might be just like me, women who are experiencing new health issues like fibromyalgia, weight gain, mood swings, which they are actively seeking the solution to. But mention even the word menopause to them and they reject it flat out. 
“It couldn’t be me, I’m too young for that.”
Perimenopause/Menopause seems to be the scariest boogeyman to them, which I get personally...
But I wonder if being in denial for years about hormonal changes and not doing anything about it, is them ignoring a potential source of relief that could possibly better their symptoms.
For example, they might eventually succumb to HRT (like I did) at 50 or when their period stops, but by then the symptoms might have done some heavy damage to their health already like bone density loss / collagen loss.”


Now, we are no stranger to the feelings and symptoms a menopausal woman experiences, being women ourselves…

And we get that some women are just not prepared to begin that portion of their lives, even though their body clearly is in hormonal change.

But we honestly think that:

“Women are not afraid, just not properly informed”

It is the lack of education, and not just on the women’s part but also the doctors that attend to them.

More than once, have we read our emails and comments about doctors ignoring the plight of menopausal women who come up to them with their symptoms, only to be brushed off as it being the norm, or just a “depressive bout”.

We believe that all women, given the proper information, have the strength to overcome their symptoms, and start seeing that menopause isn’t just full of symptoms…

It’s also a period of self-love, and the perfect time to rediscover yourself again.

Not as a mother or wife, but as you, the wonderful woman underneath!

P.S Menopausal symptoms are part and parcel of the experience. While we cannot stop them from happening, we can definitely make it a whole lot better

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