Case Study: Joyce Didn’t Believe That Probiotics Could Help With Weight Loss Until…

Case Study: Joyce Didn’t Believe That Probiotics Could Help With Weight Loss Until…-Better Body Co.

Joyce B. from USA is 66 going on 67 this year.

And at the age where most women find it difficult to drop dress sizes…

She’s losing more weight than many ladies in their 40’s-50’s.


By introducing the RIGHT probiotics into her system.

And not only that, she’s getting relief from bloating, acid reflux and her other digestive issues as well.

As one of our loyal customers who has supported the Better Body Company since our early days…

We wanted to share her journey to inspire others that PROPER gut health can lead to amazing benefits.


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1. “Tried Many Different Diets… But Nothing Seemed To Work”

Many diets out there try to “fix” problems like weight loss, at an extremely surface level.

They focus mainly on caloric intake and output.

They believe that if you consume more calories than your body is able to “burn”, then it will lead to weight gain.

And if you restrict number of calories, it will lead to weight loss.

While that’s “scientifically accurate”, what many people don’t realize is that your gut has trillions of bacteria that determine:

  1. How many calories are absorbed by the body
  2. How fat cells are broken down

The truth is:

It’s not about how many calories you intake — it’s about how well your body can absorb these calories.

If the body isn’t able to absorb the calories properly, it will be converted and stored as fat.

Simply put:

Even if you consume fewer calories, it might still lead to weight gain — if you don’t have the right strains of bacteria in your gut that can ABSORB these calories properly.

This is one possible reason why Joyce didn’t see positive results from her diets… or from the other supplements she tried.


 “No matter what I did, no matter how many products I took, it didn’t do anything to my weight” - Joyce B., USA, 66 


What are these bacteria strains that influence how your body absorbs calories?

They’re called Probiotics — the “good” bacteria that live in your gut.

2. Not All Probiotics Are Equal — Are You Taking The Right Ones?

Most people know that off-the-shelf probiotics help with digestion and stomach problems.

These good bacteria multiply in our body, supporting our gut and immune system.

However, did you know there are also specific strains that can impact weight?

They’re called “Thermogenic” Probiotics — and studies indicate that these probiotic strains may ease cravings, boost metabolism, manage calorie absorption and break down fat cells.


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A 2015 study done by scientists in Japan researching the effects of a probiotic strain (L.Gasseri SBT 2055) made an interesting finding:

They ran a multiple center study where 210 people ingested the L. Gasseri strain with fermented milk for a period of 12 weeks.

The subjects were instructed not to make big changes to their diet and exercise routines to keep the variables consistent.

Their findings:

On average, the 210 people experienced positive results with an 8.5% impact on weight (specifically around their midsection).

Others reported reduced inches while being able to keep the weight off during the full duration of the research.

Strains like B. Breve and B. Lactis have also been through multiple tests/trials to understand their impact on increasing metabolism, supporting healthy cholesterol levels and acting as anti-inflammatories.

In addition, many people who have tried thermogenic probiotics for weight loss also report better energy, sleep, healthier cravings and better immune function.

3. Thermogenic Probiotics — The Natural Way To Support Reduction In Stubborn Fat 

Research suggests our metabolism declines over time as we age.

metabolism declines over time - graph

It may start as early as in our 30s.

And the decline continues…. year after year.

As we get older, it can also get harder to stick regular exercise due to family, work or health commitments.

That’s why weight management may sometimes be out of control.

When metabolism declines, stubborn fat reduction is no longer supported… which could be why Joyce felt she “suddenly ballooned up”.


“When I turned 55, it seemed like overnight, I ballooned up. I had been the same weight for the last 20 years… so I can’t even tell you how disheartened I was… how depressed it made me to go from an 8, to a 10, to a 12. It was not fun.” - Joyce B., USA, 66


But here’s the good news for her (and for us):

Now it’s possible to turn up the heat on stubborn fat with Thermogenic Probiotics.

It’s almost as if they do all the work for you — impacting fat storage, calorie absorption and provide support for a prime metabolic state

And more importantly…

Naturally supporting the reduction in stubborn fat (especially around the hips, arms and thighs).



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4. “… Happened To See Provitalize Advertisements On Facebook, and Thought I’d Give it A Shot. Now I’m Putting On Clothes And Going “WOOHOO!"

Like many other women out there, Joyce was pretty “leery” about weight-management supplements…

Because she had tried so many of them — and none of them seemed to work.

So when she saw advertisements for Provitalize — our leading flagship “thermogenic” probiotic supplement…

She was naturally “skeptical” at first.

But she decided to put her doubts aside for a moment, and give Provitalize a shot

The result?


“Now, I am taking both Provitalize and Previtalize together. Two every morning, since January, and I have managed to drop most of my unwanted weight. I can't even begin to tell you how happy I am, how excited I am. My energy's back. I'm putting on clothes and going, woohoo, I'm 66 years old and I'm looking good.” - Joyce B., USA, 66



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 We are overjoyed to hear how happy Joyce is after incorporating “thermogenic” probiotics into her daily routine.

She is the living embodiment of how PROPER gut health can lead to amazing benefits.

The best part?

Joyce didn’t have to make drastic changes to her diet to achieve the healthier body she wanted:


“Provitalize works. That's all I can say is it works. Yes, I've watched my carbs, but I haven't been strict with myself and that's what's amazing, is I'm still having maybe a piece of cake once in a while, or a doughnut, or a candy bar. It's not that I crave it, but it's just every once in a while you want to treat yourself. 
That hasn't changed anything. I'm still losing, and I'm excited. And I want you to be excited for yourself too. So get out there and get Provitalize girls… I’m telling you this is the answer”



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5. Final Thoughts On Joyce's Weight-Management Journey & Thermogenic Probiotics

Just like you, Joyce is an ordinary woman who simply wants a better, healthier body.

But somehow, everything she tried just didn’t give her the results she was looking for…

Until she tried incorporating “Thermogenic” probiotics into her daily health regime.

Now she feels happier, has more energy and a trimmer waistline — and it’s all because she casted her “skepticism” aside for a moment, to give “thermogenic” probiotics a chance.

And we are glad she did :)

Whether on the keto, paleo or vegan diet or simply bring out intermittent fasting… adding these  specific thermogenic strains to our diets can be beneficial for the gut and metabolic support.

And due to its organic nature, we foresee thermogenic probiotics replacing traditional weight loss solutions and becoming a staple in most households.
What do you think of Thermogenic Probiotics?

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