How To Get Back Your Weight Loss Motivation Especially If You're Not Seeing Results

Get Back Your Weight Loss Motivation

Have you lost all your weight loss enthusiasm you invested a few months? It's frustrating to lose hope especially when you have not achieved your weight loss goals.

Losing weight is a hard task. Keeping it off is even harder. That why a study conducted by JAMA, found that the number of overweight people in the United States continues to rise, while, only a few people embark on the weight loss program on their own.

However, when you deploy the best methods, weight loss can be entertaining, effortless and useful. For this reason, we've put together the easiest weight loss motivation styles.

1. Ask A Friend To Accompany You

An exercise routine is an excellent way of shedding the excess ponds although; it is sometimes hard to start one. Ask your best friend to accompany you for the gym sessions or any other exercise mode that you choose. Your friends should be motivating you to work harder, not discouraging you.

A report in the journal of social psychology and personality indicated people who worked as a group performed better than those who worked individually. So, Grab your partner and maximize your time at the workout grounds.

2. Determine The Main Reason Why You Want To Lose Weight

For you to stay motivated and committed to the entire weight loss program, you should define your major reasons for the weight loss, as well as your goals. Set them as a daily reminder in case you get tempted to stray from the set plans.

Wellness researchers at the University of Alabama found that although many people start weight loss programs as per their doctor's advice, people with self-motivation become more successful.

In fact, there are many surprising benefits of losing 50 pounds that make the whole journey worthwhile. Your key reasons could be preventing diabetes, increasing yourself confident or fitting in your favorite pair of jeans in a particular event.

Weighing yourself how to get motivated to lose weight

3. Have Realistic Expectations

Many diet products claim an easy and quick weight loss. This is against the health practitioner's advice which suggests that adults should lose only 1- 2 pounds per week. Setting the unattainable goals can easily cause frustrations and force you to give up. In most cases, the people who attained their self-set goals maintained their long-term goals.

A study conducted by Dominican University found that setting the unrealistic goals might discourage you from attaining them. Reducing 25 pounds in two months may seem quite lofty, but, losing 2 pounds in every week looks achievable. The outcome is still the same.

Weight loss motivation tips realistic expectations

4. Avoid Comparing Yourself With Others

One of the wrong weight loss motivation tips you may often hear is to picture yourself losing as much weight as the actress on TV. But Richard Wiseman, a renowned psychologist, indicated something interesting he observed in his book "59 seconds: Change a Little Think a Little". People who hung up pictures of celebrities and other athletes as their weight loss role models ended up failing to achieve their goals.

Many of these famous models have the money to get their own nutritionist, fitness trainer, equipment and many other expensive resources to shortcut their process. It may be unrealistic to aim for their results in such short time, without much resources.

Furthermore, the weight loss journey goes beyond just the body looks. Your overall health and quality of life matters more ultimately. So don't waste time idolizing celebrity pictures and envying weight loss success stories. Instead, choose a healthy food blogger to be your motivator. Take the advice and weight loss tips you get from your instructor positively, and then work towards achieving them.

5. Ban The "Banned Foods" Idea

You may avoid that daily pizza slice or doughnut merely because they contain high levels of fat or calories, but that may not be the best idea. It is antithetical to cut the foods that you will still have the exposure to.

Banned Foods vs Healthy Diet

A 2009 study by JAMA found out that 75% of the people who restricted themselves from certain types of foods ended up taking them because they were unable to control their impulses.

So don't avoid that piece of bread in the morning when you are sure your co-worker will bring three to work. Take everything in moderation.

6. Weigh Yourself Daily

When you are on a weight loss program, it is recommendable to keep a record of your performance. A study published in journal of behavioral medicine indicated that the weight loss participants who used the weighing scale everyday avoided adding weight thus ended up contributing to weight loss.

Don't be discouraged by the number that is holding you back. Give yourself a 3 to 4 pound grace period as your weight fluctuates naturally.

7. Reward Yourself When You Perform Well And Stay On Track

Since you keep a good record of your progress, you can easily track the moments when you drop or perform well. Remember that the best motivation comes from you. So reward yourself occasionally after a healthy diet or a hard workout.

A 2015 study found that the people who rewarded themselves appreciated their inner efforts, and therefore performed better in the long run. So, have a metaphorical pat after every goal you attain. For instance, you can have a cupcake after every two pounds you drop.

8. Do Some Math

If your weight loss motivation is slowly sliding, take a pen and a paper and calculate the hours that you have spent in the whole workout period. Find out the following:

  • Your weight 
  • What you usually eat
  • Your general shape

Now calculate the number of times during that month when you felt great about your diet, shape, and size. The chances are high that you will get a big difference between the two values. You might also find that the negatives thoughts outweigh the positive ones. Will you spend the following month having negative thoughts about your body shape or size? When you have positive thoughts, you will be happier, and you will be motivated to work smartly towards your goals.

Weight loss motivation & weight loss success stories

Positive reinforcement is an ideal motivation method of working towards your goals. Research by frontiers of psychology conducted on 44,000 people found that all those who started their day with unique motivational phrases attained their weight loss goals. You can motivate yourself with self-talk like "I will do better today."

Re-ignite Your Weight Loss Motivation

During a weight loss journey, motivation allows you to maintain discipline during the entire period. When you find that your motivation is a warning, take a short break from your diet style or workout activities. Above all, stay in the company of those who encourage you to be better, appreciate your body throughout. Also, cultivate gratitude in your senses and your ability.

While staying motivated is important, you need to approach weight loss in the right way too. Otherwise all that motivation will go nowhere. You need to target weight loss at its root cause.

In fact, scientists have recently found a strong connection between your gut health and weight loss results.

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