How To Get The Most From Provitalize: 8 Key Tips

How To Get The Most From Provitalize: 8 Key Tips-Better Body Co.

Many Doctors recommend taking probiotic supplements after the age of 40 to increase the “good bacteria” in our gut.


As we age, we start noticing an imbalance of microbes and unhealthy levels of certain “bad” bacteria- that leads to various health problems. 

This is where our probiotics come to play, as they restore the natural balance of bacteria in our gut. 

However, after spending time and a heavy amount of money- we don’t see the transformation we were originally promised. We expect to see them one bottle in; but don’t realise that there is a “right” way to take these important supplements based on- the probiotic’s formulation, our specific gut system and the time it takes to adapt to the new added probiotics to our diet.


We would like to help our lovely customers and share 8 tips that will assure glowing results with effective speed. 

Here are 8 key tips to get the most from Provitalize- your favourite probiotic! 


Tip 1: Consume Provitalize On Empty Stomach

probiotics on empty stomach, provitalize

Our stomach naturally secretes hydrochloric acid in response to food- varying the pH level to 1-3. However, this could be bad news for most “good” bacteria as they get destroyed by stomach’s acid. Therefore, we should consume Provitalize when our stomach is resting at pH level 4 or 5. This is achieved either on an empty stomach or 30 minutes after eating. 

Although Provitalize is equipped with a delayed-release capsule made from a special coating technology, consuming it on an empty stomach would increase it’s therapeutic effect.


Tip 2: Increase Daily Fibre Intake

provitalize, fibre intake for probiotics

Maintaining a balanced, high-fiber diet daily can help ensure a flourishing diversity of good bacteria. Fiber nurtures “good” bacteria and provides them with the energy they need to help optimize your digestive balance.

Pro Tip: If you usually don’t consume much fiber- be sure to add it slowly; otherwise overwhelming your gut with large amount of fiber at once can backfire causing gas and bloating problems.


Tip 3: Take Prebiotic Fibre (for accurate daily fibre intake)

previtalize, prebiotic

Prebiotics are carbohydrates and fibers that the body can’t digest, but exists as food for the bacteria in our probiotic to work effectively.
Some common forms of prebiotics are found in: 

  • Various fruits like banana (Fructooligosaccharides)
  • Artichokes & Asparagus (Inulin) 
  • Legumes like lentils and kidney beans (Galacto-oligosaccharides)
  • 100% whole grains,
  • Or root vegetables like-  onions, shallots, garlic and leeks

These can also be easily and naturally found in various Prebiotic supplements like- Previtalize*.

Pro Tip: Mind you, you don’t need to take prebiotics for your probiotics to work but consuming Previtalize with Provitalize increases its efficiency.


slim gut starter pack, better body co


Tip 4: Accept The “Healing Crisis”

healing crisis, provitalize

This refers to the temporary worsening of symptoms as the body expels toxins during the healing process. It’s a healthy sign from our compromised immune system, of deep cleansing.

Therefore, it is common to see “weight gain”, “increased hot flashes” or “irregular sleep patterns” when you initially start to take Provitalize- as you would have entered the initial healing crisis phase.

This crisis could last a few days to a few months. Drinking plenty of water in between doses of Provitalize helps improve the function of our lymphatic system- reducing “healing crisis” phase.

Tip 5: Don’t Let Your Wellness Habits Slide

healthy lifestyle, provitalize, probiotic for healthy gut

Both diets and stress levels have an impact on your gut flora, digestive balance and general state of health. Probiotics cannot magically undo the effect of regular midnight junk runs or a crazy workload stress. 

Therefore, for Provitalize to work best it is important to be as consistent as possible with our healthy lifestyle.

Tip 6: Avoid Taking Provitalize With Chlorinated Water

chlorinated water, USA

Chlorine is commonly used by various municipalities worldwide to keep our water clean. Various studies have stated that chlorine added to tap water eliminates most pathogens and kills germs. 

However, this added chlorine impacts the effectiveness of our probiotic supplement; as probiotics are essentially “bacteria” which is eliminated by chlorine automatically.

Tip 7: Increase Regular Physical Activity

physical activity, exercise

Any activity that burns energy defines physical activity- walking, gardening, swimming and cycling (it can range from low to moderate intense activities). 

Recent studies suggest that physical activity may alter gut bacteria and improve gut health. With higher abundance of health-promoting bacteria, we create a nurturing environment for Provitalize- allowing the probiotic strains to work effectively.


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Tip 8: Avoid Artificial Sweeteners (if you can)

no artificial sweetener

Recent studies on 6 popular types of artificial sweeteners- aspartame, sucralose, saccharin, neotame, advantame and acesulfame potassium k stated that; these artificial sugars actually disrupt gut bacteria and make them toxic. 

It only takes 1mg/ml for the substance to adversely affect gut bacteria. Therefore, by eliminating artificial sweeteners from our diet, we increase the efficiency of Provitalize.

There we go! Hopefully, these 8 Key Tips does help you on your Provitalize journey. 

However, in the meantime- here are what some of our customers had to say about Provitalize’s effect on their symptoms! 


Customer who faced the “Healing Crisis”

provitalize, healing crisis, help weight loss


Additional tip for those “Hot Flashes”

provitalize, help with hot flashes, no more hot flashes


I am drastically losing weight, energy has increased. This is a REAL person satisfied with Provitalize


Please share with us your Provitalize journey.

Did it work for you? Did you face any difficulties?

We would love to hear from you too!



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