How To Get The Most From Radiancy: 8 Key Tips

8 ways to get the most out of Radiancy

Have you ever wondered why, after using so many skincare products, your skin still has visible signs of aging like deep wrinkles, sagging and age spots? 

That’s because when you are going through menopause and all the normal skin problems associated with aging are made much worse as your level of estrogen declines. 

Declining estrogen levels causes your epidermal to thin, your dermal collagen content to decline and skin moisture to reduce. 

That means deeper wrinkles, dry & flaky skin and darker age spots.

Unfortunately, most skin products only work on the very top layer of the skin and the effects you get do not last

They do not tackle the root cause of your skin problems- poor gut health. 

After consulting many researchers on skin health, we managed to come up with the best solution to repairing and maintaining a healthy skin, Radiancy.

Boost your skin health with 3 unique probiotics strains in Radiancy

Radiancy contains three different strains of probiotics that are specifically cultivated to improve your gut health, boost your skin health and protect it from future damages. 

  1. L.Lactis has been shown to support the health of the deepest layer of your skin by better regulating nutrients to skin cells and support skin hydration and elasticity. 
  2. L.Reuteri helps strengthen your immune system and has been shown to reduce skin issues like eczema. It also helps support your natural healthy gut bacteria, helping you absorb nutrients more efficiently. 
  3. B. Coagulans produce chemicals that will get rid of free radicals, which is one of the main components damaging your skin. It also helps combat sagging and wrinkles by supporting the production of ceramides, a molecule that restores the skin’s moisture retention ability. 

Aside from these 3 probiotic strains, we’ve also added 9 different vitamins and minerals to give your skin a major boost.

So, how can you get more from Radiancy and restore your skin faster?

Here are 8 tips to get the most from Radiancy

Tip 1: Take 4 capsules in the morning with water.

Take 4 capsules of Radiancy every morning

The most effective time to take BioFence is in the morning when your stomach is empty. 


Washing it down with a glass of water first thing in the morning helps to disintegrate the capsules. 

This allows dissolution of certain minerals and vitamins, making it easier for the body to absorb.

Also, the PH Level of your stomach in the morning is “alkaline” - which helps to protect these minerals and vitamins to reach your bloodstream! 

Tip 2: Eat more soy based food

Eat more soy based food

Soy based foods like tofu or miso are rich in isoflavones, a plant-based compound that acts like estrogen in the body. 

With the declining levels of estrogen, your skin health will worsen as well.

By replacing your natural estrogen with isoflavones, it would provide a boost to your estrogen levels and help manage age-related changes like dry skin and deep wrinkles. 

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Tip 3: Keep hydrated throughout the day

Keep hydrated throughout the day

Radiancy helps make your natural skin hydration system more efficient. 

However, if your body is dehydrated, your skin will be unable to get it’s required moisture to remain healthy. 

Water also helps keep our blood fluid, speeding up the transportation of cells and essential minerals around the body, making Radiancy work more effectively and efficiently.

Tip 4: Drink non-chlorinated water

Drink non-chlorinated water

Chlorine is used in water to effectively kill germs and bacteria and make water safe to drink. 

However, this also means that it kills good bacteria in the body and those are essential to your gut health and provides support for healthy skin. 

Unfortunately, Radiancy has 3 special probiotic strains that would be killed when drinking chlorinated water and reduce its effectiveness drastically. 

Tip 5: Limit UV Exposure

Limit UV Exposure

Ultraviolet rays cause a lot of damage to the skin, leading to dryness, flaking and age spots.

Prolonged exposure to UV rays reduces vitamin E levels (protects against UV rays) and produces free radicals in the body which are harmful to your cells.

This results in less protection and more toxins in the body.

Therefore, it’s always good to apply sunblock and wear hats in order to reduce the amount of UV you are receiving. The American Academy of Dermatology (AAD) recommends using sunscreen with an SPF of at least 30.

Boost your skin health with 3 unique probiotics strains in Radiancy

Tip 6: Avoid High-Carb & High-Sugar Diets

Avoid High-Carb & High-Sugar Diets

Having a high-carb & high-sugar diet, like cakes, cookies, candies, sugar, soft drinks, increases the number of harmful microbes in the gut as they thrive on such a diet. 

These harmful microbes would decrease your ability to absorb nutrients, impacting your immune system which leads to a more frequent illness and diseases. 

Your immune system and skin requires good microbes in your gut and a high-carb & high-sugar diet kills these healthy microbes in your gut

This means that Radiancy cannot work effectively as it also contains healthy microbes beneficial to your immune system and your skin. 

Tip 7: Consume foods with high antioxidants

Consume foods with high antioxidants

Antioxidants are effective in protecting the body from free radicals and it also helps collagen do the best job it can for your skin. 

It also helps increase nutrient absorption in the body, leading to a healthier immune system. 

Foods with high antioxidants content are blueberries, green tea, dark chocolate, strawberries, kale, beans and many more. 

Radiancy also provides a type of marine collagen, which is the most effective form for aging gracefully, 

Having an antioxidant rich diet would boost the effectiveness of the marine collagen in Radiancy. 

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Tip 8: Stop Smoking

Stop Smoking

Smoking is terrible for the health of your skin. 

It restricts blood vessels which reduces the amount of nutrients and oxygen reaching the skin to keep it healthy. 

This causes the skin to dry out and makes it more prone to wrinkles and stretch marks. 

Smoking also reduces your skin’s ability to effectively heal and interferes with all the nutrients that Radiancy provides to your skin to make it healthy, glowing and supple.

With all these 8 tips that have been proven & tested by many nutritionists, health experts, and doctors, you can be assured that Radiancy would be working its best to improve the health of your skin and give you back the skin you deserve. 

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