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“I Finally Feel Like Me Again! - No More Night Sweats or Hot Flashes And My Relationships Couldn’t Be Better”

“My husband says I’m a different woman and my mood is way better too. He should know we’ve been together 32 years.” -Donna

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Menopause Can Make You Feel Like Life is Over…

My friend Jessica was blindsided when her husband moved out.

She hadn’t felt like herself for a year or two, but she didn’t realize how fed up her husband was. She’d been struggling with her mental health, wasn’t sleeping well, and her emotions were all over the place.

But when her husband said, “I don’t even recognize you anymore. I’m staying with my brother until you can get yourself together”...she was absolutely crushed.

And I get it! I’ve been through the wringer lately too.

I’m constantly worried about irrational things, I’m sweaty and frustrated, and small issues seem so huge to me. Some days I’m so sad that it’s a struggle to get out of bed.

My doctor’s no help either! He says my hormones are fine and I just need antidepressants. Jessica’s doctor dismissed her too. But when I started to look into it…

The truth is that thousands of women our age are struggling. They’re sad, tired, overwhelmed, angry, and worried…but their doctors say they’re “fine” too.

Does any of this sound familiar?

If you’ve suddenly started fighting with your longtime friends…

Or your once “rock-solid” relationship with your significant other is feeling shaky…

Or you feel so sad, worried or exhausted that you dread facing another day…

There’s a good chance that it’s not your fault.

No, really.

Hormones could be to blame. Even if your doctor says you’re “fine.”

The way I see it, you can either:

  1. Tough it out, sweating, fighting, worrying, and white-nuckling through menopause, or
  2. You can stick around and hear about this surprising way to thrive during menopause

So even if it’s hard, and you’re skeptical, and you’re fed up, there is a better way.

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You Might as Well Throw in the Towel…

One of the hardest things is that there’s no telling how long menopause will drag on.

So it’s critical to figure out how to make it out alive. And to not be alone when you get there!

What if you could improve your mood and feel less anxious? Have fewer and less severe hot flashes? What if you actually slept at night?

And what if all that was possible without taking any hormones, medications, or anything unnatural?

I know it sounds too good to be true. But it’s actually within reach.

That’s where CalmAgain™ comes in…

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Do This Before You Try Hormones or Unproven “Solutions”

CalmAgain™ is the zero-hormone, all-natural way to support your mood, reduce night sweats, diminish hot flashes, and improve poor sleep.

It doesn't cause side-effects and it doesn't increase health risks, like hormones can.

And before you brush it off as “not strong enough”...

Its ingredients have been tested in multiple clinical studies, so there’s plenty of proof to back it up.

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Wouldn’t It Be Great If You Could Ditch The Mood Swings, Hot Flashes, & Sleepless Nights?

Imagine getting a better night’s sleep…and NOT being drenched in sweat!

I know sleep helps my mood a lot. So that alone would make a huge difference. But what if you also had all-natural, zero-hormone support for your mood…on top of getting good sleep?

What if the anxious thoughts and depressed feelings were just…less?

What if you could wear white shirts without the fear of sweat-stained armpits? Or wear a tank top and hug people without worrying that you’ll sweat all over them?

Because unless you’ve been there yourself, people don’t understand the toll that these menopause symptoms take. It requires so much mental bandwidth to constantly push down the frustration! To evaluate what clothes you should wear! And to “hide” your menopause.

It’s exhausting.

But thankfully, help is on the way with CalmAgain™.

It’s the #1 Estrogen Free “Anti-Flash” mood supplement by the BB Company

It mimics the effects of estrogen without messing with estrogen levels. So menopause symptoms are naturally diminished!

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So How Does CalmAgain™ Work?

The reason CalmAgain™ is so effective is because it uses ingredients that are rigorously tested and proven to be effective. It doesn’t rely on surface-level studies or outdated wisdom.

Multiple placebo-controlled clinical trials studied the long-term risks of the ingredients AND the long-term effectiveness.

Over 2 years, 252 women showed long-term improvement in their menopause symptoms, WITHOUT any adverse side effects or an increase in estrogen levels!

Shocking, right? No HRT, no doctor appointment or blood draws! It’s completely natural!

The first ingredient is called Menofelis™ Siberian Rhubarb Extract.


It has the power to cut down your 12 daily hot flashes to just 2! It also improves mental health symptoms.

It acts like estrogen, so that you feel relief from menopause symptoms, but it doesn’t actually elevate your estrogen levels. The 12-week clinical trial showed that it:

  • Reduced the frequency and severity of hot flashes by 83%
  • Helped 85% of women feel emotionally and mentally better
  • Downgraded severity of feeling anxious from “severe” to “slight”

Who would’ve guessed that rhubarb could help emotions, mood, and hot flashes?!

The second powerhouse ingredient is Sage – but not just any sage!


It’s Low-Thujone or Thujone-Free Sage. That’s important because it’s a premium form of sage that doesn’t contain toxic levels of Thujone.

Sage is included in CalmAgain™ to help regulate your body temperature, causing a 64% reduction in hot flashes and night sweats!

In a study, it helped 100% of participants improve their working memory and task accuracy. So if brain fog has been haunting you, this could help!

The third ingredient is a concentrated form of Saffron Extract


You probably know Saffron as a spice. In CalmAgain™, Saffron Extract improves mood and sexual function, while also helping reduce hot flashes.

A 12-week clinical trial of 400 participants showed that women had a:

  • 33% reduction in feeling anxious
  • 32% reduction in feeling depressed

Finally, Vitamin E is included in its d-alpha-tocopherol form.

Vitamin E

This premium form is clinically proven to be the most biologically active, so it's easy to absorb. It is also the form that’s most effective against menopause symptoms.

Vitamin E is an antioxidant, so it helps protect against oxidative stress. An 8-week clinical trial showed that participants had:

  • A substantial reduction in hot flashes
  • Possible protection for nerve cells (which may also help reduce anxious feelings)

So when you add up all the ingredients, you get a holistic approach to fighting menopause symptoms.

Plus it’s effective long-term and doesn’t seem to have any adverse side effects!

So, let me ask you a question…

Do you see a sliver of light at the end of the tunnel? Can you imagine getting better sleep, worrying less, and feeling more level-headed?

What about fewer sweaty sheets, happier relationships, and more energy?

I’d encourage you to “give in” to the hope. Allow yourself to imagine a better, calmer future…

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CalmAgain™ is Super Easy to Use

It’s exhausting trying to hold it all together. So the last thing you need is a complicated solution.

That’s why CalmAgain™ is such a mercy for women going through menopause-induced turmoil. You just take one tablet when you wake up. You can take it with or without food.

It really is that easy!

I’ve been keeping my bottle of CalmAgain™ on my nightstand, right next to my phone and a glass of water.

Does CalmAgain™ Actually Help ALL Those Symptoms?

Better Body has amassed a loyal following, selling over 2 million bottles of their menopause products. Check out what happy users say about some of Better Body’s other products:

Why I Love CalmAgain™ (and Why You Should Too)

Why I Love CalmAgain

CalmAgain™ exists for all the women who have been told, “your hormone levels are fine,” or “you just need to take antidepressants,” or “there’s nothing wrong with you – you just need to toughen up.”

Because although things might look fine on paper, menopause symptoms are real and can be very destructive.

CalmAgain™ reassures women that they’re not crazy, and that it’s possible to thrive during menopause.

It’s not all in your head!

BOTTOM LINE: if you’re tired of being dismissed by the medical community…and you don’t want to feel exhausted and sweaty and misunderstood…

You might want to give CalmAgain™ a shot.

Why I Love CalmAgain

How Can You Try CalmAgain™?

CalmAgain™ is only available online and can’t be found in stores.

Now that you’ve seen the research and testing that went into creating CalmAgain™, and how it could improve your life, here’s how to get some:

  • Go to the official CalmAgain™ website and place your order
  • Enjoy the hope of a calmer tomorrow, and experience the mercy of CalmAgain™

CalmAgain™ has a special deal right now.

If you’re thinking about checking out CalmAgain™, now’s the time. You can get up to 20% off for 90 days’ worth of CalmAgain™!

And honestly, my advice is to give any supplement at least 90 days to see if it works with your body’s rhythms and monthly cycles. Plus it’s only $1.67 a day – less than a cup of Nespresso!

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