5 Lifestyle Changes To Help You Beat Sugar Cravings

5 Lifestyle Changes To Help You Beat Sugar Cravings
If you love sugar, you already know it's highly addictive — probably because it feels so darn good when that sweetness hits your tongue.

However, it has become common knowledge that having a diet that is high in sugar can be detrimental to health.

Especially for women going through menopause!

In a study of postmenopausal women done by medical researchers...

Results showed that in menopausal women, having higher blood sugar levels was linked to more menopause symptoms.

This means they are more likely to experience:

  • bigger weight gain
  • more hot flashes
  • more bloating
  • more mood swings

To help you break your sugar addiction...

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We’ve prepared a list of lifestyle tips you can put into action as soon as possible, so you can start living life sugar-free:

Lifestyle Tip #1: Recognize your patterns

If a sugar craving hits you at the same time (especially in the afternoons), that might be a pattern you can take advantage of.

So whenever the craving hits you, instead of reaching for a sugary treat, try filling up on a protein-filled snack like sugar-free granola or a healthy trail mix. This will balance your blood sugar and keep you going for the rest of the day.

Lifestyle Tip #2: Watch What You Drink

Drinking sodas or energy drinks high in sugar is one of the worst offenders. Because you’re gulping it down by the mouthful, you don't actually realise how high the sugar content for these drinks are.

So, if you’re drinking sodas for hydration, we recommend you stop immediately because it can be really bad for your health. Instead, try sparkling water or lemon-infused water if you’re craving something other than flat, plain water.

Lifestyle Tip #3: Eat regularly

Having too big a time difference between meals can work against you. The huge wait between meals can cause hunger pangs that you might choose to satiate with sugary snacks.

Try cutting the portions of your meals into smaller ones and eating every 3 to 5 hours. This helps keep your blood sugar levels balanced and helps reduce any irrational snacking.

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Lifestyle Tip #4: Invest in a probiotic

When your gut bacteria are out of balance during menopause, yeasts like Candida can flourish. These bad bacteria can cause strong sugar cravings, fatigue, fuzzy thinking and digestive issues, as they primarily feast on the sugars in your food.

Taking a probiotic helps inoculate your gut with good bacteria and restores healthy gut bacteria balance, which keeps the sugar-craving bacteria in check.

Lifestyle Tip #5: Learn to say No!

Some people would gladly support you in your mission to stay sugar-free, while some exist to derail your efforts.

During social occasions, there will always be that person who questions you about not eating cake, or partaking in cocktails. Just tell them you are on a quest for a healthier you, and kindly refuse their offer.

Remember, you’re doing this for yourself. So, their opinion about you hardly matters now, does it?

PS. If you want to break free of the hold sugar has over you, ensuring your gut bacteria is in balance should be the first step you take.

When women start going through menopause, their gut bacteria is thrown off balance — resulting in an overgrowth of bad bacteria known as candida.

This bacteria loves feeding on sugars, and can cause sugar cravings if not kept in check.

But with the help of Provitalize, you can naturally rebalance your gut flora and keep the bad bacteria like Candida at bay, and finally curb your sugar cravings:

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