How I Switched Up My Supplements To Battle Perimenopause Symptoms (Bye Bye PeriBelly!)
Perimenopause Perimenopause

There’s a powerful new perimenopausal remedy that’s causing quite a stir on social media

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Provitalize is helping women fight back against the perimenopause weight gain that affects so many. With thousands of 5-star reviews to back it up, it turns out a slimmer tummy isn’t the only thing that it helps with.

Many women are saying that Provitalize also helped them soothe other symptoms like:

  • bloating
  • low energy
  • and mood swings

But is it too good to be true?

Cheryl's Story

After using Provitalize for just two months, Cheryl is finally feeling like herself again!

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Cheryl writes,

“Digestive issues, weight gain, bloating, low energy--- provitalize has helped with all these issues. What a relief!”

And Cheryl is not alone in this struggle. What she’s going through is all too common.

“It's common for weight gain to start a few years before menopause, during the time known as perimenopause. Weight gain often continues at about the rate of 1.5 pounds each year as a woman goes through her 50s 3.”

No wonder women don’t feel like themselves! They’re desperate for a solution that makes them feel decent in the midst of their changing hormones and changing bodies.

Luckily for Cheryl, she found Provitalize when it mattered most. And she was able to deal with a laundry list of problems… WITHOUT drugs or hormones. For Cheryl, Provitalize helped with:

✅ Weight Gain

✅ Digestive Issues

✅ Bloating

✅ Low Energy

Imagine how life-changing that would be! A powerful probiotic that makes a shockingly large impact on your life.

Carolyn says that her experience was a lot like Cheryl’s…

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Another loyal Provitalize customer, Carolyn, says:

“After turning forty (and ever since struggling with bloating and weight gain) I have finally found something that helps!! This is amazing. You have to take every day for a few weeks before you see any results but be patient because I can't believe they really do work!”

Sandra echoed what the other women said too:

"I started taking Provitalize in July 2022, within the first month, I had to tighten my belt a notch and by the fourth month, I had to quit wearing my favorite pants and tight sleeves were loose. Six months in and I have bought a new belt. The word Magic is the only one that fits. Thank you BB Company!"

With Over 2 Million Customers & Thousands of Verified 5-Star Reviews, What Makes Provitalize so Effective Against PeriBelly?

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Provitalize is a synergistic blend of natural herbs and probiotics specially formulated to support weight loss…

But it doesn’t stop there.

It’s made from natural ingredients which makes it 100% safe and drug-free.

So you don’t have to worry about any nasty side effects like you may with hormone replacement therapy.

All you have to do is take two capsules each morning and let the special formula do the heavy lifting.

Provitalize contains 3 strains of clinically-tested probiotics known for their positive benefits in weight management, cravings, bloating, and more.

  1. B.Breve IDCC4401 - Helps lower fat mass by "activating" genes that impact fat metabolism.
  2. L.Gasseri SBT2055 - Helps blunt the accumulation of belly fat around the midsection.
  3. B.Lactis R101-8 - Supports a healthy weight while promoting better digestion.

It also contains 95% Curcuminoid, Curry, Moringa leaf and Bioprene which is then loaded into a Delayed-Release Capsule™

The result? A complete formula that has helped over 2 million women regain control of their bodies.


What Can Provitalize Do For Me?

Provitalize has helped over 2 million women take back their lives from perimenopause. And a slimmer waist isn’t the only benefit.

Look Breathtaking In Your Favorite Clothes
Finally get the healthy weight support that only lab-tested probiotic strains can provide. After all, when you look good, you feel good.


Feel Lighter And More Regular
Thanks to the proven ingredients in Provitalize, feeling ‘backed up’ is a thing of the past.


Enjoy A Flatter Tummy
Helps curb the most common causes of that stubborn PeriBelly. It’s no surprise that so many women report dropping a few dress sizes.

flatter tummy

Kill Unwanted Sugar Cravings
Provitalize puts you back in the driver’s seat when it comes to cravings and appetite control. So you’ll enjoy a healthier body and a happier mood.


Regain Your Energy Again
More energy is usually the first benefit many women notice. The clinically studied ingredients in Provitalize support healthier, more stable energy levels.

regain energy

Get Your Gut Back In Check
Strengthen your gut from the inside out. With a strong gut managing the worst that menopause can throw at you just got easier.


What Are Others Saying About Provitalize?

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Patti J.


Can't say enough!

I can't believe how much just taking two of these pills each morning really, truly makes a difference in how I feel. I'm not cranky from feeling bloated. I'm getting compliments on weight loss, and I didn't even realize I was losing because I never made any big changes. Except I did feel less hungry. If you haven't tried it, don't wait any longer! I was skeptical at first too. I'm very happy that I gave it a try!!!

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Cynthia C.



I was very skeptical at first about the results that this product was going to provide me personally. At the start of my 5th week I was so pleased and surprised at the results I was feeling and seeing on the scales that I started sharing this product with all of my friends. Their first product orders are on their way I look forward to seeing and hearing about their results soon

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Melany B.


Love it!

The combination Provitalize and Previtalize works for me! I was a bit skeptical, but was desperate to try anything. My hormones, hot flashes and stomach issues have subsided. I started to loose weight after 2 months. I’m on my third month now, and excited to keep going. Now I want to try their other products!

Where Can You Get Provitalize?

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No hard feelings. We promise!

But they know that’s highly unlikely, because they’ve spent years designing and testing Provitalize.

What Does That Mean For You?

It means you’re getting the most revolutionary perimenopausal supplement on the market.

They’re so confident that Provitalize is the solution you’ve been searching for, that if you’re not 110% satisfied, they’ll return your money. No hassles, no questions asked.

Get Provitalize… and Feel Like Yourself Again!

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