5 Tips For Better Skin This Summer

5 Tips For Better Skin This Summer

When you hear about summer skin, what you automatically think of is tanned, smooth & glistening skin. 

But in reality, what you have to experience with the extremely hot and dry weather is sunburns, sweaty breakouts & skin aging.

With the weather being the hottest we’ve gotten so far (947 daily high temps), keeping your skin supple and hydrated can be hard...

Even more so when you’re dealing with menopause!

Hormonal changes women experience during menopause can also alter your skin quality and condition.

Along with the arid summer air, it truly doesn’t bode well for your skin — but fear not!

We’ve heard your call for help, which is why this week we’ve prepared the best summer skin-care tips for supple skin, recommended by dermatologists:

Tip #1: Moisturize!

While the summer air isn’t as dry as the winter, your body still loses a lot of moisture in the summer.

Which is why it is essential to hydrate yourself throughout the day with at least 10-12 glasses of water.

Additionally, don’t be afraid to apply a lightweight moisturizer, preferably dual-purposed with an SPF rating of 30, every couple of hours. This will help keep the skin moisturized and protected from the arid summer air.

Pro tip: Do not apply thick & heavy moisturizers as they will clog pores and cause breakouts. 

Tip #2: Go Light on Makeup

During hotter days, an additional layer over your skin can be uncomfortable. And after a few hours of wiping off sweat, most of it will come off anyways.

So, just go with the flow and shave down your makeup routine. Going as natural as you can is great for your skin as it allows it to breathe.

If you do need to attend some outdoor functions that require makeup, try applying some tinted moisturizers that contain SPF (recommended in tip #1).

Pro tip: If you have to apply makeup, make sure it is noncomedogenic so they do not block your pores — like powder sunscreen or an oil-free primer.

Tip #3: Stay Shady

We won’t go as far as to encourage you to be wrapped up like a mummy, but please be careful and expose as little of your body as possible to the strong UV rays during summer.

If you do have to go outside, remember to wear hats with a wide-brim, sunglasses and apply sunscreen.

Pro tip: On the topic of staying cool, try not over shower or exceed 5 minutes when taking a hot shower to prevent your skin from drying out.

Tip #4: Remember to Exfoliate

Summertime is actually the only time when over exfoliating is actually great for your skin routine.

All the sunscreen and sweating might clog the pores, which is where all the scrubbing comes in handy as it helps unclog the pores and prevents blemishes.

However, it is important to not overdo it. You’ll most likely get a dry, scaly look and your skin will feel tight and crackly if you exfoliate too much.

Once or twice a week is adequate, and if you’re sunburned, avoid exfoliating all together until your skin is healed.

Pro tip: Good exfoliating alternatives are AHA pads (alpha-hydroxy acid), and gentle scrubs. Even if the bottle recommends daily usage, stick to once or twice a week.

Tip #5: Don’t Forget the Sunscreen

This is the most essential tip we have. Anytime you’re in the sun, having sunscreen on is a must, especially during the summer afternoons.

Sunscreen helps in shielding your skin from harmful UV radiations that bring about the early onset of skin ageing.

Apply half a teaspoon for your face and neck and a full teaspoon per limb, about 15 – 20 minutes before heading out, to allow the active ingredients in the sunscreen to be fully absorbed into your skin. Try using sunscreen with:

  • A minimum of SPF 30
  • broad spectrum protection
  • lip protection

Don’t forget your sensitive areas like your neck, feet, ears and lips.

Pro tip: There’s a reason why this important tip is last on our list, because it should be the last step in your skin-care routine. Bring it along with you when going out and set an alarm to reapply it every couple of hours (2 – 4 hrs).

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