Best Perimenopause Supplements For Weight Loss, Anxiety, Night Sweats, and More!

Best Perimenopause Supplements

Perimenopause is a transformative phase in every woman's life filled with new experiences, challenges, and, let's be honest, some tough moments. 

But it doesn't have to be an uphill battle. The best perimenopause supplements can help. We're dedicated to understanding the challenges perimenopausal face, and more importantly, how to best address them through safe, natural supplements.

We’ve developed a lineup of the best supplements for perimenopause so you can conquer these changes with confidence and grace. From addressing perimenopause weight gain to hot flashes, mood swings, and more - we’ve got a solution for you!

The Role of Perimenopause Supplements​​ in Overcoming Common Challenges

Perimenopause is the transitional phase that precedes menopause. It typically begins in a woman's 40s, but can start as early as the mid-30s. 

This period is marked by hormonal fluctuations as the ovaries gradually reduce estrogen production. As with all the various stages of menopause, this one comes with its own set of symptoms and challenges.

The Common Challenges of Perimenopause

A woman may experience a range of symptoms during perimenopause, each varying in intensity and duration. Some of the most common challenges include:

  • Irregular Menstrual Cycles: One of the first signs of perimenopause is often changes in menstrual cycle patterns. Cycles can become unpredictable - either shorter, longer, lighter, or heavier.
  • Hot Flashes and Night Sweats: A sudden feeling of warmth, hot flashes can be mild or intense, often followed by sweating. Night sweats are hot flashes that occur during sleep, sometimes leading to sleep disturbances.
  • Mood Swings and Emotional Changes: Hormonal shifts can influence mood, leading to feelings of irritability, sadness, or menopause anxiety. Some women may also experience depression during perimenopause.
  • Sleep Disturbances: Beyond night sweats, perimenopause can cause sleep issues due to hormonal imbalances. Insomnia or disrupted sleep patterns can become common.
  • Weight Gain: Many women notice a shift in their body composition during perimenopause known as the dreaded meno belly. Despite maintaining the same diet and exercise routine, gaining weight, especially around the midsection, becomes easier. This is due to a combination of hormonal changes, age, and lifestyle factors. We’ll talk about how to stop menopause weight gain with the best probiotics for belly fat later on.
  • Decreased Bone Density: As estrogen levels drop, bone loss can accelerate, leading to a higher risk of osteoporosis.
  • Vaginal Dryness and Urinary Issues: Reduced estrogen can cause vaginal dryness, leading to discomfort during intercourse. Additionally, some women may experience urinary urgency or increased frequency

How Natural Perimenopause Supplements Can Help

Natural supplements tailored for perimenopause can be game-changers. They work by addressing the root causes of symptoms, rather than merely masking them. Here's how they can help:

  • Hormonal Balance: Quality supplements help in modulating and balancing hormones, reducing the severity of symptoms like hot flashes and mood swings.
  • Metabolic Support: Certain ingredients like the best probiotic for menopause can aid metabolism, helping combat weight gain, a common concern during perimenopause.
  • Enhanced Sleep: Ingredients like herbs and natural relaxants can improve sleep quality, helping you wake up refreshed.
  • Mood Regulation: Natural adaptogens and mood-enhancing components can help stabilize emotions, reducing irritability and mood swings.
  • Improved Libido: Quality supplements can enhance blood flow and balance hormones, leading to improved sexual desire and function.

That being said, investing in the best supplements for perimenopause is worthwhile. It can be the key to unlocking a life without limitations and embracing this new stage of life with confidence and grace.

But, not all supplements are created equal. So, what separates the best perimenopause supplements from the rest?

What Separates the Best Perimenopause Supplements​​ From the Rest?

Navigating the world of perimenopause supplements can be overwhelming, with countless brands promising relief. To truly make an informed choice, it's crucial to understand the markers of high-quality supplements.

We’ll highlight the factors you should consider when shopping for a supplement to use along your perimenopause journey below before introducing you to the most trusted formulations currently on the market.

The Importance of Clinically-Proven Ingredients

The best supplements are grounded in science. This means they contain ingredients whose efficacy has been tested and proven in rigorous clinical trials.

This is where things get a bit tricky, as not all studies showcase the same level of proof. While animal studies provide valuable insights, the gold standard for supplement research is human-based studies, ensuring direct relevance to our physiology.

Formulation Synergy: Crafting the Perfect Blend for Maximum Relief

A superior supplement doesn't just throw together a random assortment of ingredients. Each component is chosen because it complements the others, amplifying their effects.

The best blends are designed with specific perimenopausal challenges in mind, offering targeted relief where it's most needed.

Moreover, it's about including specific ingredients in the right amounts. Effective supplements offer dosages proven to be both safe and effective. Consistency is key. Each dose should deliver a uniform amount of each ingredient to ensure predictable results.

Reputation and Results For Peace of Mind

How do you really distinguish which supplements are the best choice in this day and age? By diving deep into a brand or product’s reputation for consistently delivering results!

Shop with brands that proudly display real user reviews, showcasing the experiences of women just like you. Better yet, look off the company’s website on 3rd party platforms such as TrustPilot to get unbiased testimonials.

Established brands, with years or even decades in the industry, often have a track record of success and reliability. If a company is “just hitting the market”, do you really want to be one of their guinea pigs? 

Brand Policies: Returns, Deals, and More

The best brands stand by their products, offering hassle-free return policies and generous money-back guarantees. 

This ensures that you can shop with complete confidence. If a product isn't right for you, returning it is easy and straightforward - and you have nothing to lose!

You should also consider which brands offer the most value, looking for deals related to subscription orders, free shipping, etc. 

That being said, we’ll unveil the best perimenopause supplements below to help you set out on the right foot as you begin this journey!

So, What are the Best Perimenopause Supplements​​ on the Market?

BB Company is your trusted guide in navigating all stages of menopause - from perimenopause to the final culmination of menopause. We’ve developed a lineup of the best supplements for perimenopause here in our online storefront.

We’re proud of the 4.5-star rating we’ve earned on TrustPilot. This speaks to our commitment to elevating your life through science-backed products that deliver results. Discover the best supplements for perimenopause below! 


Provitalize probiotics is considered to be the best supplement for menopause - and you don’t have to take our word for it. More than 2.1 million women and counting have found relief from a multitude of menopausal symptoms using our solution, and you can feel the difference firsthand!

It’s specifically tailored to help you shed unwelcome weight through a specifically formulated  Provitalize ingredients list. It all starts with probiotics.

  1. Gasseri SBT2055 is known for managing abdominal fats. B.Breve IDCC04401 plays a pivotal role in supporting insulin sensitivity and influencing weight management. Meanwhile, B.Lactis R101-8 ensures the gut's bacterial environment remains balanced and thriving.

Plus, curcumin combats the effects of low estrogen, moringa leaf extract brims with Vitamins E & C to support cognitive functions, and curry leaf extract aids in managing glucose levels, paving the way for healthier eating habits.

What's the use of ingredients if they don't get absorbed? The formula is supercharged with Bioperine® to boost the absorption of curcumin by a staggering 2,000%. 

It’s not just about helping you lose weight during menopause, though. Users have reported radiant skin, stronger hair and nails, enhanced memory, and so much more. It helps with menopause fatigue, menopause brain fog, and all the other challenges you’ll face along the way.

You don’t have to stress about Provitalize side effects or Provitalize safety, either. The supplement has no negative drawbacks to be concerned about.

But, does Provitalize work? And if so, how long does it take for Provitalize to work? The effects begin forming in that very first dose. Most women report seeing and feeling a noticeable difference in the first month, but after 90 days the transformation is undeniable. 

In fact, 94% of women reported feeling lighter and gas-free, doing away with bloating during menopause and nausea during menopause. They also felt cooler throughout the day, looked more in shape, woke up more energized, moved freely without aches, and enjoyed deeper, more restful sleep. You can too.

“I had been struggling with gut-weight from perimenopause. After two bottles, I lost weight! Plus I had fewer hot flashes and night sweats. I definitely recommend Provitilize.” - Sari

“I was very skeptical at first about the results that this product was going to provide me personally. At the start of my 5th week I was so pleased and surprised at the results I was feeling and seeing on the scales that I started sharing this product with all of my friends.” - Cynthia

“This truly has changed my life. I tried everything to lose the extra inches on my waist but nothing worked until I added Provitlize and Previtalize to my regimen. You have nothing to lose by trying it, there's a full money-back guarantee. Do it!” - Heather

Read thousands of reviews of Provitalize if you’re still not convinced this is the best probiotic for menopause weight gain, mood swings, hot flashes, and other symptoms. For now, though, we’re going to introduce another must-have perimenopause supplement…


While Provitalize is designed to nurture your perimenopausal journey from the inside out, CalmAgain™ directly relieves symptoms like hot flashes, night sweats, and mood swings. It does so through clinically-validated ingredients such as:

  • Menofelis™ Siberian Rhubarb Extract: This ingredient leads the charge against hot flashes and mood swings, resulting in dramatic relief. Menofelis™ ensures sustained benefits over time, as validated by rigorous clinical trials.
  • Sage Extract: An age-old remedy now scientifically proven. Sage addresses night sweats and hot flashes to provide a holistic cooling effect. Its additional cognitive benefits mean not just a healthier body, but a sharper mind.
  • Saffron Extract: Beyond its culinary acclaim, Saffron emerges as a mood enhancer and libido booster. Its dual-action formula addresses both emotional and physical symptoms of perimenopause.
  • Vitamin E (d-alpha-tocopherol): This specific form of Vitamin E is chosen for its unparalleled bioactivity. It combats oxidative stress, offering a shield against hot flashes and anxiety.

The efficacy of CalmAgain is backed by data. With an 83% reduction in hot flash severity and marked improvements in emotional well-being, the results speak volumes. 

As with all BB Company supplements, it's manufactured in FDA-approved facilities and devoid of GMOs, hormones, and stimulants. You’re getting nature's best, refined to perfection.


Previtalize is a revolution in women's gut health and well-being. Formulated with a meticulous blend of four distinct prebiotic fibres and the powerful Burdock Root, every capsule promises optimal digestion, a balanced mood, and enhanced metabolism. 

Fructooligosaccharides (FOS) from bananas amplify mood and support gut health. Meanwhile, inulin from Jerusalem artichoke reduces food cravings and promotes healthy digestion.

These are complemented by Xylooligosaccharides (XOS) which aid in fat absorption reduction, complementing weight management goals. 

Burdock root is a nutrient-rich herb that ties the whole formulation together, managing blood sugar levels and promoting a healthy inflammatory response, effectively fortifying overall well-being.

Previtalize supercharges gut health especially when paired with Provitalize. It’s a holistic approach to digestive issues, mood fluctuations, and weight challenges - perfect for those interested in learning how to lose menopause belly fat

It’s also free from unnecessary fillers, 100% natural, and meticulously designed to complement probiotic health. Previtalize is the answer for every woman seeking a harmonious gut and a balanced life. Add it to your list of the best supplements for perimenopause today!

“I have tried many different products that suggest similar results, however, this product has definitely worked the best for me. Much better sleep, less bloating, and no hip aches!” - Mary

“I absolutely suggest this product if you are looking to drop those extra menopause lbs and belly overhang it has worked great for me” - Liz

“After I had been taking it for about a month, it was like everything just fell into place. It wasn't overnight but then I suddenly noticed that my clothes were a lot looser and my cravings right down. Provitalize and Previtalize together were the winning combination - thanks, it has been a game changer for me!” - Fleur


Last but certainly not least on our list of the best perimenopause supplements is Radiancy - perfect for those looking to address rapid aging after menopause!

Radiancy combines the rejuvenating properties of skin-loving probiotics, premium collagen, and cherry blossom extract. Enjoy naturally vibrant and firm skin, with customers noting visible enhancements in mere weeks. 

The formulation tackles fine lines, wrinkles, menopause acne, and other signs of aging head-on. You can effortlessly regain your youthful glow and confidence with Radiancy’s carefully curated blend.

That’s not all, though. Radiancy also promotes a harmonious vaginal flora, ensuring optimal pH levels and reducing risks of infections. Bid farewell to discomfort, as this is a holistic approach to managing symptoms of vaginal atrophy without the need for antibiotics.

But, how does it all work? Here are the ingredients that make the magic happen:

  • B.Coagulans: Combat skin aging and enhance ceramide production.
  • L.Reuteri: Address skin ailments like eczema and fortify feminine health.
  • L.Lactis: Elevate skin hydration, ensuring a radiant complexion.
  • Type I Marine Collagen: Restore skin and intimate area elasticity.
  • Sakura Flower Extract: Repair skin and reduce inflammation.
  • Ceramides & Hyaluronic Acid: Lock in skin moisture, ensuring a dewy glow.
  • Vitamin C & E: Boost immunity, skin repair, and provide protection from UV damage.

The dual benefits for your skin and intimate health eliminate the need for multiple supplements in your regimen. 

Radiancy prioritizes an 'inside-out' approach ensure deeper, lasting results. Whether you're combating aging skin or seeking better intimate health, Radiancy is your key to unlocking a confident, beautiful you!

“I love how it has made my skin feel and look. Thank you BB Company” - Christina

“I started taking Radiancy about 3 months ago because I felt like my hair was drier then normal and shedding a lot and my skin was really dull. Since I love the Previtalize and Provitalize already, I figured I would try it. My hair has never been in such great condition, it's so shiny and strong and my skin is more hydrated looking. I cannot tell you how happy I am with this product!” - Heather

“I have noticed that my skin has got more of a glow to it than it used to. I’ve taken Radiancy far over a year, and I can tell a big difference.” - Mary

Try Our Bundles to Supercharge Results!

These are the best supplements for perimenopause on their own - but they’re even more effective when paired together to achieve synergy! 

We offer an array of bundles to help you save money while making the most out of the supplement lineup. This streamlines your purchasing and helps you get better results. Here are a few of our favorite bundles for perimenopause specifically:

  1. Slim Gut Bundle - Provitalize & Previtalize: Fortify gut health, enhance metabolism, and champion weight management with this potent combination.
  2. Menokit Bundle - Provitalize, Previtalize & inergyPLUS: Tailored for women navigating menopause. Rejuvenate energy, harmonize hormones, and sustain gut vitality.
  3. Hot Flash Bundle - Provitalize & inergySLEEP: Alleviate the unease of hot flashes and secure peaceful nights. Refresh and restore both body and mind.
  4. Power Mom Bundle - Provitalize, Radiancy, inergySLEEP & inergyPLUS: Curated for the dynamic mom. Amplify energy, guarantee restorative sleep, and radiate with glowing skin amidst daily challenges.
  5. Holistic Life Bundle - Provitalize, Radiancy, inergySLEEP, inergyPLUS & BioFence: Your comprehensive wellness package. From luminous skin and a balanced gut to revitalized energy and fortified immunity, embrace a holistic health transformation.

Experience the harmony of our curated products, designed to meet distinct health goals. Dive into these bundles that not only supercharge your results but also ensure significant savings.

Invest in the Best Supplements for Perimenopause Today at BB Company!

There you have it - the best supplements for perimenopause. These solutions are tried-and-true and backed by not just clinical studies, but the firsthand experiences of millions of women worldwide. 

Our blog has more resources on developing a menopause diet plan, the end of menopause signs, do probiotics cause weight gain, natural alternatives to Ozempic, menopause without HRT, how long does menopause weight gain last, and more if you want to continue preparing for the road ahead.

Otherwise, why not invest in your health and happiness with the best perimenopause supplements at BB Company today? From supporting a slimmer, more youthful you to fending off hot flashes and mood swings, we have the supplements you need for a life without limitations!